Men’s Bamboo Underwear: Viscose/Bamboo Fabric Explained

Men’s Bamboo Underwear: Viscose/Bamboo Fabric Explained

Bamboo Viscose Underwear is a new take on some original designs. Bamboo offers a soft, cool material. Great for casual activities, especially in the hotter environments. But it also does a good job with sweat wicking, helping to keep you dry and comfortable. 

Explaining Viscose Bamboo

Bamboo Viscose is made using the plant pulp from bamboo stalks. You feed the pulp through mechanical spinners which weave the fiber together, similar to how the yarn would be weaved together. From that point, it is ready to be cut and designed into clothes!

Viscose is the more technical term for what is commonly known as Bamboo, but both can be used interchangeably. Viscose is a rayon based fiber made from natural cellulose fibers, usually those found in Bamboo. While viscose is made from natural fibers it is not considered a completely natural material. However, it is also not fully synthetic since the base fibers are from a natural source.

Therefore it is somewhere in-between a synthetic and a natural material. But this allows it to imitate more natural-based fibers like cotton, silk, and wool. Meaning it can reap some of the benefits like softness and cooling. While also being more durable and strong.

Viscose Underwear vs Cotton Underwear

Viscose Bamboo Underwear is quickly becoming the preferred option of mens underwear. Cotton Underwear is the classic material, one that everyone knows and understands. But viscose underwear is able to offer the same benefits as cotton plus some new updates. 

Cotton Underwear

Cotton has been known throughout the world as early as 1500. But in 1730 during the Industrial Revolution in England, the Cotton Gin was patented. This invention helped cotton become one of the first and most widely used materials in clothing. Since then cotton has been working under the," if it ain't broke, don't fix it" motto. After all, cotton was fairly cheap to produce, which helped to keep prices down. Along with being fairly soft and keeping people cool. But we have to think there should have been some kind of improvement over the last 200+ years, right? That's what brings us to.....

Viscose Underwear

Being made from more natural-based fibers allows bamboo materials to keep the softness and coolness provided by a cotton product. Many people even say that bamboo is much softer than cotton! Similar to cotton, viscose bamboo also offers a more relaxed fit. This means the material is not squeezed right up against your skin. It allows for some air to move between the material and your skin, helping to keep you cool.

However, cotton underwear is known to be horrible when it comes to moisture wicking. Once cotton gets wet, it is going to stay that way until you take it off. Since viscose bamboo is not a completely natural product it does a better job at drying. So even if you do sweat some the material works to keep you comfortable. That makes it perfect for every day and lightweight activities.  

Timothy H says, "...Say goodbye to the bunching, riding, damp material of cotton and say hello to soft but amazing support [of bamboo underwear]"

Viscose Underwear - The Clear Cut Winner

It is obvious that viscose bamboo is on another level compared to cotton. Offering all of the same benefits and then some. Sure, bamboo tends to be a little more expensive than your basic cotton. But the added benefits are well worth the extra cost, especially for something you are going to be wearing all the time. Don't sacrifice your comfort just to save a couple of bucks. 


UFM - Not Just Any Mens Bamboo Underwear

, Unlike other underwear brands, Underwear For Men doesn't rely purely on our high-quality materials to do the job. We have a patented drawstring support pouch that when combined with the viscose bamboo material makes for one great pair of underwear. 

Our support pouch is designed to lift you up and forward, helping you defy gravity and keep you in the spot you should have been in all along. The pouch works to isolate you from the rest of your body which not only decreases chaffing but also helps more body heat to escape. Making sure you stay cool and comfortable for the long haul. 

Cristian O says, "The size is perfect and it adjusts perfectly. The Viscose (Bamboo) - spandex material is so breathable and comfortable. Good price for great quality!"

Bamboo Underwear Uses

Admittedly, viscose bamboo is not the greatest material when it comes to more intense occasions, like working out. You definitely want a polyester item when it comes to that. But for your basic day to day life bamboo underwear is a great option. Since viscose bamboo is more focused on comfort than anything else it works well in the office or other more sedentary jobs. However, bamboo underwear does wick  enough sweat to be used in some of the more lightweight activities, such as golf or bowling. 

Ed D says, "This underwear is terrific. The best fit and comfort imaginable. I really like the fact that you can adjust the fit to whatever is best for you."

So if you have to leave the office to catch your afternoon tee time, you can just pull the drawstrings for some added security and you are on your way! Moving seamlessly from office life to the fairway. 

UFM Bamboo Underwear

We take great pride in our patented drawstring support pouch and high-quality materials. We love knowing no one else out there can have a design like ours and that we are providing our customers with the best product that we can. 

Not only do you get a unique design with Underwear For Men but we offer sizes from XS (24-26) all the way up to 5X (56-59). There are a variety of colors available from Black and Red to Gray, Camo, and White. Along with multiple design options so whether you like Briefs or Boxer Briefs we have something for you. 

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