Underwear For Men Offers Alternatives to Jockstraps

Underwear For Men Offers Alternatives to Jockstraps

There is a solution that does everything a jockstrap does -- even better than the jockstrap -- with increased levels of comfort. The solution is Underwear For Men. Our men's underwear products were designed for the athlete looking for the right briefs or boxer briefs to suit during every type of exercise routine. Whether you are a runner of a CrossFit pro, getting support and protection from a solution better than the jockstrap allows you to focus on your sport. If you are still relying on the jockstrap for support and protection, make the switch to our men's underwear and experience the difference.

A Brief History of the Jockstrap

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Jockstraps have been around since the 1800s without any major updates to their style. The solution started off as being used by active males with active lifestyles. In fact, jockstraps served as the standard in every locker room. They protected your manhood, albeit in an odd manner which to some seemed uncomfortable. More recently jockstraps have become unpopular, especially with younger people, that tend to make the switch to compression shorts. Compression shorts simply aren't much better. They work by compressing and effectively squishing the manhood into a pouch. While this option is designed more like traditional boxer briefs (and many men wear compression shorts for underwear), it is tight on your legs and even leaves marks. It isn't uncommon for a man to choose a waistband that is too tight with compression shorts.

Underwear For Men Is Better Than the Jockstrap

With more than 1500 five-star reviews for our briefs and boxer briefs, it is obvious to us that men are making the switch to our products in place of jockstraps. We designed the brand to accomplish and exceed the benefits provided by a jockstrap.

The jockstrap supports in the front, so do UFMs.

A jockstrap protects your manhood, so do UFMs.

The jockstrap limits the motion of your manhood, UFMs securely support your when the drawstring pouch is tied.

Then, we improved upon it.

The jockstrap isn't comfortable to wear, UFMs feel better than regular underwear.

A standard jockstrap is typically available in one color (white) while UFMs are offered in 7 colors.

Bulk in the front of the jockstrap may chafe you, Underwear For Men is anti-chafe.

The jockstrap adds bulk to your bottom half, UFMs are sleek and stylish without adding bulk.

Once you switch to Underwear For Men, you won't remember why you ever work a jockstrap in the first place!

US patented and Intl patents pending Adjustable Pouch Underwear

UFM Underwear isn't a jockstrap or even a thong, UFM Underwear is a boxer brief and a brief. For a lot of guys, this means our product is more comfortable to wear. In addition, the key to UFM's US patented and Intl patents pending underwear is the adjustable pouch. The size of the pouch is controlled by the wearer and designed to isolate and support our manhood. For lounging, most guys tie 'slow and low'. For working out, most guys tie the 'high and tight' for maximum levels of support.

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Each pair of underwear offers protection, functionality, and even improves your profile view. See for yourself when you try a pair of boxer briefs or briefs for yourself.

Try Briefs and Boxer Briefs from Underwear For Men

Our company sells briefs and boxer briefs. All of our high-tech options keep you comfortable, supported, and looking good. Briefs are often the choice of men who previously wore tighty whities but need a significant upgrade. Your legs are still left free of material but your manhood is supported as it should be. Boxer briefs in a 6-inch and 9-inch inseam stay put on your legs as you move. Whether you prefer the longer inseam because you need more fabric or you like the standard length of the 6-inch inseam, boxer briefs from our brand don't roll up. Although you may try Underwear For Men to find a better jockstrap option, you just might find yourself wearing UFMs on a daily basis.

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