Cotton Vs Polyester Underwear Which is better for Men

Cotton Vs Polyester Underwear Which is better for Men

There are many choices to make when it comes to Cotton Vs Polyester Underwear. Which is better for you? The answer really depends on what you are looking for in an underwear choice. Cotton has a softer, more comfortable feel against your skin. It also breathes better and can help keep you cooler in the summer months. Polyester is a good choice if you are looking for something that will dry quickly and resist wrinkles.

Cotton Vs Polyester Underwear Which is better for Men

If you've been in the crossfire between cotton Vs polyester underwear which is better for men, here ends the confusion. We'll be looking at 5 yardsticks to decide between cotton and polyester which is best for men which are:

  • Which is most comfortable?
  • Fabric quality/Durability
  • Health concerns
  • Purposes
  • Eco-friendly

Let's commence:

#1. Which is most comfortable?

No doubt, the whole world troops for cotton as the most comfortable because of its breathability and moisture absorbing power which helps to keep the cool down there. 

Also, if you're given excessive sweating below the belt, you need something to hold some fountain back. And cotton is best for this task. 

You'll go all day feeling great under a head-tearing summer sun.

That's not the case with polyester. Polyester is a thin microfiber material. It has no business hiding your leaky fountain under belts, it wicks out the sweat as they come. Don't feel bad when you see a streak of water running down your thighs.

Speak of the devil, you're far from keeping your cool down there under the scalp cooking weather. If you're on polyester brief pants, you'll be all warm, toasty, and itchy. You'll be so uncomfortable in the office that you'll crave some groin ventilation.

Cotton on the other hand can't be a saint all through this. Cotton is guilty of chafing as charged. Cotton is heavier than polyester, coupled with its moisture-absorbing nature which robs off delicate parts of the genitalia giving you injuries and the Inability to walk fine.

Here, polyesters keep a clean slate. Due to the light nature of polyester and its moisture-dispelling capabilities, there's a reduced or zero chance of chafing.

#2. Fabric quality/Durability

Cotton is best in its way; polyester is best in its way. And that's ridiculously true. However, there's an unlikeability in both.

Let's take a look.

On the bright side, cotton has all shades of sweetness and delight when touched and felt. Made from fibers around the cotton plant meaning all is natural with no synthetic preservatives which is ideal for allergic skin. The fall is, with time, cotton starts to rip off and decay, it doesn't last forever. 

Polyesters are synthetic-based with all the chemicals and panty preservatives you can think of. They felt as lightweight as they looked. But mehn, those panties don't know when to die, they stay longer than Methuselah.

Also, cotton tends to cling to body dust and jocks which paints funny stains that won't go out. This makes the color fade away. And with time, it becomes unpleasant to the eyes.

Polyesters don't stick to jocks and body dust. They're easy to wash out the stains. However, due to the chemical configuration of the polyester, they form covalent chemical bonds with body odor and won't let go easily.

#3.Health concerns

The part you've been waiting for to know affirmatively is "that polyesters give the jock itch." That's not true; polyesters don't give the jock itch.

Jock itch or tinea cruris are fungal infections that cause rashes and itches in the genital areas or inner thighs. Jock's itch is caused by warmth and dampness. This is common with people who sweat too much and overweight individuals. Worse is, it's transferable through towels and undies.

So, where's the role of Polyester in all this?

Polyester panties only intensify the condition if you already have the itches infection. Polyester holds heat and a bit of moisture which is the perfect breeding ground for the bacteria to happen. On this note, it's on you to keep Personal hygiene and avoid polyester undies in the meantime.


Though polyester wicks out moisture yet, you're quite moist at the moment.


Cotton could have been a better breeder of the jock itch because it's expert at absorbing moisture. But the breathability of cotton won't permit the environment. You see, oxygen burns up the bacteria.

The health concern is that of the testicles: your sperm health is directly affected by the temperature of your balls. Cotton always allows the balls to breathe fine while polyester serves a toasty and squeezy environment which is riskier if you're putting on briefs.

#4. Purposes

Wear cotton for official work, lounging, and other noble and less physically involved activities. Opt for polyester for physically demanding activities or any athletes like routine.

Athletes' activities demand flexibility and stretching and that's a zero point for cotton material. Cotton doesn't stretch and you risk chafing out. Polyester is the athlete's pants, they offer flexibility from all angles and dissipate sweat. This keeps the athletes cool and feeling light and agile down there. 

#5. Eco-friendly Experience

Death is a blessing in disguise and more so for the pants-dom. To be eco-friendly means to be recyclable. Typical cotton is recyclable for further production thus supporting our ecosystem.

Polyesters are made from non-perishable materials like water and petroleum in reaction with oxygen making them non-perishable and consequently unrecyclable. 

Sadly, we're losing resources and growing in pollution if we keep producing polyester materials without caution.


#1. What are the qualities of Cotton materials?

The following are qualities isolated to cotton material:

  • Breathability
  • Moisture absorber
  • Unstretchable
  • Recyclable
  • Difficulty to dry
  • Easy wrinkles
  • Stain stubbornness, etc

#2. What are the qualities of polyester?

Polyesters are known for the following:

  • Lightweight/thin
  • Moisture wicking
  • Flexibility 
  • No wrinkles
  • Easy dry
  • Easy on stains
  • Durability
  • Non-recyclable etc

#3. Which underwear is healthy for men?

Considering men's health in relationship with their pants, they must wear what will allow for a moderate temperature around the testicles. And cotton panties are best at it.

#4. Is polyester underwear breathable?

No, polyester underwear doesn't breathe. They're fond of holding air and heat. This is bad for your sperm count.

Wrapping it Up

Order! The hearing session is over, now is time for the verdict. Kin study of the cotton Vs polyester Underwear which is best for men. 

We have confirmed that the kinds of cotton have the possibility of chafing you out and polyesters intensify the jock itch breeding.

Let's toss the beef aside, and take on the bright side.

Cotton is the ideal pant for a regular living while polyesters will have you always at your best in athletic activities.

If you're the sweaty master, consult the cotton panties to hold the fountain. Panties transcend comfort and fashion into health.

To improve your sperm formation and count, avoid warm and toasty pants like polyesters. Wear cotton panties for a wholesome experience and health. Most importantly, look good in your pants.

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