UFM - The Most Comfortable Underwear For Men

UFM - The Most Comfortable Underwear For Men

Underwear For Men helps people be more comfortable whether it is at work, the gym, or just everyday life. Our drawstring adjustable support pouch truly sets us apart from the competition. 

Considering Comfort

What is comfortable for one person, may not be comfortable for another. We all find comfort in different ways. We are shaped differently, do different activities, and wear a variety of clothes. Something that works for someone on the job may not be great for someone playing a sport. So not only do people change but so do our environments.

People in more active environments tend to prefer tighter fitting clothes (like Polyester), ones that wick moisture the best and help to prevent chaffing. Usually, the tighter and more secure the underwear is around your legs and groin the less likely you are to chafe. The tighter fit also helps to absorb as much moisture as possible, helping to keep you dry. 

In more casual situations people tend to go with a more relaxed fit (like Bamboo-Viscose). A more relaxed fit usually lends itself to a material that is softer and cooler. While it is not ideal for performance wear it does help to keep you cool and relaxed. Great for office workers or just sitting around the house. 

Standard vs High End Mens Underwear

Not all underwear is created equal. For years, briefs were the only kind of mens underwear. Nowadays we have things like boxer briefs, thongs, and trunks. Not to mention different materials and even pouch underwear. 

Standard Underwear Styles

Mens Briefs were invented around 1935 whereas Mens Boxer Briefs first appeared around 1980 although not being popularized until the early 1990s. But with both styles, the main function was to have the item cut and pressed up against or near your skin to try and hold everything in place. This means that they were relying on compression and material to hold everything together and provide you with some amount of comfort. But as soon as you start wearing an item, especially something like underwear that gets so much use, it starts to wear down. So the support and comfort you got from these original items was minimal at best (no wonder people wanted to go commando). 

High End Mens Underwear

Cotton was the main material that we used for underwear and other clothing items. But we now have other materials available like nylon, spandex, polyester, bamboo(viscose), silk, and many others. This has led to the creation of more high-end mens underwear options. From higher cost materials to performance-focused garments, there is a wide variety of availale to you today. Underwear designed for a specific reason like sports, work, medical, or everyday wear has led to a higher-end product line more focused on your exact need.

You Get What You Pay For...

If you go out to the department store and buy your standard underwear you will probably get 3-5 in a pack for around $15. Maybe more or less depending on the brand, size, material, etc. But overall you are getting relatively the same item. Bang for your buck, but is the savings worth your comfort? 

Some items like compression shorts work better than your standard underwear. The materials last longer, the fit will be tighter, and the design will lean towards more athletic movements. But the design is still very similar to that of a classic boxer brief. Which means it can lead to chaffing and irritation. Offering more compression than a standard boxer brief is great, but that doesn't eliminate skin on skin contact or keep you supported. 

What is Underwear For Men?

Underwear For Men was originally designed as athletic underwear. In part combining underwear and a jockstrap into one. But UFM is much more than that. We have a patented drawstring adjustable support pouch that offers functionality like no other. 


Did you say, "Adjustable Mens Underwear?"

You read that right, UFMs are adjustable! Most companies offer a "one size fits all" pouch but at UFM we have a drawstring support pouch that can be pulled as much or as little as needed depending on what you find to be comfortable. Offering every man the custom fit they deserve. Some people give it a slight tug for a lighter amount of support, working more to separate you and keep you comfortable. Others pull it all the way for the most support possible and the tightest fit. The great thing is that you can easily change it if you need to wear it in different ways throughout the day. Keeping you comfortable even if you have to go from the office to the gym. 

"Great fit and I love that I can control the support based on what I’m doing. My wife likes the way they look on me too." - David S

Better Support, Better Comfort

Our drawstring support pouch not only offers a custom fit, but it also offers excellent support. Once the pouch forms around you the drawstrings hold everything in place, making sure you are secure but not squished. This also allows the pouch to support you, taking more stress off your body. It is almost like a hammock keeping you supported and comfortable. Who doesn't loving laying in a hammock? 

The support pouch also helps to isolate and lift you. Keeping you out from between your legs which means the chance of chaffing is seriously decreased. While also lifting you up a bit for more body heat to escape, helping to keep your body comfortable. 

UFM - High End Mens Underwear

Underwear For Men takes great pride in having a patented design. This way you know you are getting a truly unique product. But it also makes it one of the most functional underwear on the market whether you need it for a medical condition, a workout, or on the job. Keeping yourself supported helps you stay comfortable and gets rid of those moments where you need to adjust yourself. But it also looks and feels great as well! The high-quality materials we use help to keep your items fitting correctly which leads to continued comfort. 

"Most comfortable underwear that I have ever worn. Really look great when wearing them." - Patrick Z

Don't settle for being less comfortable than you deserve. UFM offers both fit and functionality.

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