The Best Ways to Get Smell Out of Your Underwear

The Best Ways to Get Smell Out of Your Underwear

Nobody enjoys having smelly underwear, but unfortunately, it's a common problem. The good news is that there are several ways to get the smell out of your underwear - and we're going to share them with you! Keep reading for our top tips on how to get rid of the stink and have clean, fresh underwear again.


What Causes the Smell in Our Underwear?

They're at least 5 causes of bad odor in underwear, they are:


  • Bad Hygiene
  • Perspiration
  • Panties Fabric
  • Nutrition/Medication
  • Piss & Poop

#1. Bad Hygiene

The first reason why your pants are getting the scent attention is because of bad hygiene. 


The agitation is drawn from the inability to bathe regularly, wearing one underpants for a long time, and not washing your chambers properly. 


These store up bacteria and fungi that can result in a jock itch or worse. 


The least you'll get from keeping bad hygiene is a permanent offensive smell from your chambers.


Fine-tuning your hygiene will do more than abating prominent smells into living a healthy and happy life.

#2. Perspiration

Sweating is similar to keeping bad hygiene, only that some people are overly sweating. And they can only do so much about it. Still, good hygiene bid the answer. And I quote myself "Thou must hit the shower as oft as thou perspires."


When you sweat, your undergarments absorb the moisture; highly true for lycra materials.


If you go on wearing moist undergarments for a long time, the absorbed fluid will breed bacteria which is the strong smell you perceive.


Learn to take a shower each time you sweat and wash your boxers each time you bathe.

#3. Panties Fabric

I would have argued this point if I hadn't experienced it. Some pants fabrics are fond of holding back the smell. They won't let go easily.


Fabrics like Lycra and nylon are the best moisture-holding because of their compact stitching formula. They hold in place the slightest fluid that they encounter. A moist and warm environment is a perfect breeding ground where bacteria and fungi emerge. Thus resulting in a detestable stench.


So I took some medication for malaria on Monday. I was in awe to learn that my sweat smells like Artemisinin-based on Tuesday.


Of course, you recognize a drunk by their body odor. I'm driving at the fact that the kind of food you consume plays an odor shift which is evident when you sweat.


Consequently, some medications you take can increase your level of perspiration and also stench your sweat. However, your hygiene will determine if any of that should sponsor your panty's smell in the long run.

#5. Piss & Poop

If you don't wipe clean you may have some stains on your boxers living the stench legacy. The truth is the most comfortable in our midst have caught themselves almost peeing or pooping unplanned.


Thank goodness they held it in on time. However, it's already late. The slightest drop in your panties can cause a long-term smell no matter how hard you scrub. But I bring goodness to everyone

How To Get Smell Out Of Underwear

Here are ways how to get the smell out of underwear:


  • Use baking soda and white vinegar
  • Wash with high temperature
  • Use Lemon or lemon + Ammonia
  • Read the label tag on your boxers

#1. Use baking soda and white vinegar

Yeah, you thought that right; "baking soda and white vinegar." The solution to all my laundry and hard stains removal. True and here's why.


Baking sodas do the PH neutralizer, meaning, bacteria don't escape also and acidic smells are eliminated


Vinegar is good at eliminating stenches due to its acetic acids that perfectly bond with vinegar to neutralize volatile molecules.


The repeat usage of baking soda varnishes bad odors for real. Also, white vinegar make3 a good fabric softener.

#2. Hot washing and Air drying

At this juncture, you have to decide if you want to get the stains off your pants or the bad odors.


If you aim to have stainless boxers, then steer clear from using high-temperature water to wash your undies. However, health is better than looks. Kindly use the highest temperature of water possible to wash your stench-lock boxers to get rid of the smell. 


One more thing, don't tumble dry your boxers, kindly air dry them. This exposes your undergarments to natural light and air which are essential for odorless fabrics. Plus, don't wear half-dried panties. You'll end up frequenting your fingers in your chambers for itches.

#3. Use Lemon or add Ammonia

Lemon juice sources out the bacteria and eliminates the smell. It's best to soak your pants in lemon juice and warm water before cycling in the washer. You'll be thankful you did.


Ammonia is the ideal additive when doing laundry. There are many benefits to it which are getting rid of stains and dissolving grease. Also, it serves up sparkling whites and you have fluffy soft bath towels.


If you have small issues due to body fluids like poop and pee, ammonia ends it at once.

#4. Read the label tag on your boxers

You must adhere to the label tag of your clothes, not just your underwear. As this is a vital guideline on the Dos and don'ts of the fabric. From here, you'll be cleared of what condition can cause shrinkage and the most dreaded bad odors.


Expert advises; we advise that it's not best practice to excessively wash your material. But in the fall, to save your frowny looks because of the stench emitting from below, kindly do the washing.


Yet to prevent your pants from ripping and tearing due to wash friction, we recommend meshing laundry bags.


Mesh bags are used to protect delicate washables. It protects the delicate nature of the fabric while delivering a maximum wash-up.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Why do my boxers smell like urine?

It's simple, some urine escaped onto your boxers and you never noticed. Over time it has become a dormant stench, which can leave you with stinky chambers.


Another case to consider is urinary tract infection. If you're healthy in this aspect, consider changing your undies or utilizing the steps mentioned in this article.

#2. Why do my briefs stink after laundry?

This is traceable to the type of fabric that your brief is. Lycra and nylon are tough on holding back sweats. With time, bacteria build and emit a stench that hardly goes out. Refer to this article.

Winding it Up

It's an established truth that the bad odor from pants is traceable to 4 key causatives:


  • Bad Hygiene
  • Perspiration(sweating)
  • Panties Fabric
  • Nutrition/Medication
  • Piss & Poop

Good a thing, you won't have to throw away your most cherished pants because of a foul stench. How to get the smell out of underwear is straight up and easy. The ball is in your court, kindly score the best pant goals from today. Stay healthy.

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