UFM - The Best Men's Underwear for Chafing

UFM - The Best Men's Underwear for Chafing

The best underwear for chafing should have moisture wicking materials and offer a design that keeps you comfortable all day long.

Here's How UFM Can Help Prevent Chafing

All men have experienced chafing in their life and there are numerous products on the market that claim to prevent chafing. In most cases, the products just treat the symptoms and don't address the root cause, which in most cases, boils down to wearing the wrong kind of underwear.

The Patented Drawstring Adjustable Support Pouch

The support pouch is the first thing that truly sets UFM apart from its competitors. It is designed to life you both up and forwards. This helps to keep you out from between your legs, eliminating the chance for skin on skin contact. Since we use a drawstring to form the pouch, every man can tighten or loosen it as desired, offering a custom fit based on what you find to be comfortable.  

 Everything from the types of materials to the lack of support can lead to chafing. If you are experiencing chafing, Underwear For Men is the best men's underwear for chafing. Here's why: Originally designed as a support underwear that athletes could wear, UFM's adjustable pouch is made to isolate and support to prevent chafing. Because the materials are ultra soft and breathable, these underwear are also great for work and everyday use. When you step inside Underwear For Men briefs or boxer briefs, you won't feel like you have anything on. The pouch complete eliminates the skin-on-on skin contact that causes chafing. Elliot F. says, “I will keep it simple. Love, love, love!! Did everything the description says. No chafing, no need to readjust constantly, and most comfortable underwear I have ever owned. #support”

Moisture Wicking Material Leaves You Comfortable

The reason the groin is susceptible to chafing is because this area of the body has a large number of sweat glands and produces lots of heat. Combine that with standard underwear that offers very little in terms of moisture wicking and it's no wonder that so many men deal with chaffing. Once we sweat, we stay sweaty and that just makes the problem worse. That is why Underwear For Men uses high quality materials that offer moisture wicking properties. 

Polyester is the best material for moisture wicking and to prevent chafing. This is a smoother, synthetic material, similar to that of a compression short. It has a firm fit which helps to make sure the material does not move around your body. Polyester also pulls sweat off you and then dries quickly helping to make sure you are never wet. 

For those of you who are used to cotton, our bamboo offers a similar soft and cool feeling. But bamboo wicks sweat much better than a standard cotton. Since it is not fully natural like cotton it dries a bit quicker, helping you to stay comfortable and dry.  

Longer Inseams Help!

UFM offers both 6" and 9" boxer briefs which are the best underwear to prevent chafing. The main reason for this is because of the longer legs. The more skin area that you can cover with the material, the less likely chance you have of skin on skin contact which is the main cause of chafing. Combine the longer legs with the support pouch and you have a 0% chance of any skin rubbing together. Your legs and thighs are covered by the material and your package is held securely, apart from everything else, in the support pouch.  

Jerry W says, "If there is better underwear, I would like to know where. 9" leg is a lifesaver. Great customer service.". Not only do you get a great product, but great customer service to boot!

About Underwear For Men

Underwear For Men started as an athletic underwear, functioning as a combination of underwear and a jock strap. It was an immediate success within the sports community. It soon became evident that UFM could help men in many areas, from work to medical to everyday wear. Mens underwear hadn't been updated in years, it was time for that to change. UFM answered the call with our patented drawstring adjustable support pouch. 

Underwear For Men now offers both a Max Support and Regular Support option and can be found in sizes all the way from XS (24-26) to 5X (56-58). So every man can get the support they deserve, no matter the size and no matter the situation. We have Briefs, 3" Trunks, 6" Boxer Briefs, and 9" Boxer Briefs. So we have a style for you regardless of your preference. Finally, the support you deserve!

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