The Best Jockstrap For Support Is Underwear For Men

The Best Jockstrap For Support Is Underwear For Men

UFM athletic supporter briefs and boxer briefs combine the classic jockstrap functionality with the comfort of modern day underwear.

Jockstrap Support Underwear Options

Nowadays there are some different options for you when it comes to scrotal support. We are most familiar with things like jockstraps and compression shorts, but jockstrap support underwear is a newer innovation that has proven to be a major upgrade over the classic styles. 

The Jockstrap

The original jockstrap is very minimalist in design. It has bands that go around your legs in order to hold the pouch firmly against you. But this also means that you have material shoved into the crevices of your pelvis and scrotum. While it may offer some amount of support, it can be a bit uncomfortable.

Compression Shorts

Boxer briefs are a newer invention than briefs or a jockstrap. But that design led to the creation of compression shorts. Compression shorts are designed to be durable and strong while holding everything in place. While the durability and strength factor is definitely there, the support is not. Compression shorts are only relying on added compression to keep things in place. But when you move your legs around there is always a chance things could move. Plus, compression can slightly weaken over time. Other than the attempt to add more compression, this design is really just a boxer brief in disguise. 

Jockstrap Support Underwear

The underwear game has changed a lot in the last 5-10 years. Going from basic styles and colors to flamboyant patterns, cuts, designs, and even different support pouches. You can find underwear with dual pouches, separating sacks, and even adjustable pouches. These types of items took the comfort of the original designs and instead focused on helping men find true scrotal support instead. It's like a jockstrap and a boxer brief got together and had a baby and the result is jockstrap support underwear. 

What Makes UFM Jockstrap Support Underwear? 

Our patented drawstring adjustable support pouch is what truly sets us apart. The pouch is designed to lift you up and forward, defying gravity and keeping you exactly where you should have been all along. It works by isolating your scrotum from the rest of your body, which reduces skin-on-skin contact and also helps to keep the leg material in place. Let the pouch do the supporting for you and give your body the break it deserves. 

Why Switch To An Adjustable Pouch?


Most underwear designs are a "one size fits all" concept. But not all men are equal and what we find comfortable can vary depending on what we are doing. The drawstring adjustable pouch gives everyone the chance to find their own custom fit. You can pull it high tight if you need extra support or you can keep it loosely tied for a more relaxing time. Let's see a jockstrap do that!

Underwear For Men - Urologist Recommended 

UFM partners with urologists worldwide who recommended our products to their patients. Sometimes patients find us and show their doctors and then they reach out to us because they love our product. It helps to improve patient compliance (which is often very low when it comes to supporting underwear) ensuring that their patients stay on the proper path to recovery. 

Jockstraps are often what doctors recommend and patients try to find because that is what they have always known and they are not aware of newer products on the market. But UFM has easily replaced the jockstrap as the preferred support underwear for medical reasons. 

David B says, "Most comfortable jocks I've ever owned. Being adjustable makes them unique. From a medical perspective if you need super support like myself, then UFM's will be the only brand I'll wear from now on."


The Original Jockstrap VS Our Men's Jockstrap Underwear

While the idea of the jockstrap helped develop men's jockstrap underwear into what they are today. The innovations made along the way have drastically improved the overall experience of wearing them. 

  • Isolation

A jockstrap works by compressing you up against your body. UFMs isolate your manhood away from your legs and pelvis.

  • Heat Reduction

Jockstraps cause more skin-on-skin  contact which means more heat building up without it being able to be released. By separating your manhood from everything else UFMs allow heat to escape and cool air to cycle through the area. 

  • Stay Dry

By isolating and separating your manhood UFMs can cover more surface area. Allowing the material to work for you and absorb sweat. Making sure you stay dry even through more intense workouts and hot days. 

  • Reduce Chaffing, Stay Comfortable

The straps a jockstrap uses can often be uncomfortable. They are restricting and fit tightly (often too tightly) into the areas that are most likely to be subject to chaffing, the inner thighs, and underneath/around the scrotum. UFMs fit like regular underwear and since the drawstring isn't being wrapped around your legs it reduces the chance of irritation. No Chaffing, No Problems!

But you don't have to take our word for it.......

Mickey C says, "These things are amazing. They support me and keep things from being bunched up and sweaty against my legs. Gonna order some of the other styles to try. Throwing out my old jockstrap! Thanks, UFM."

About Underwear For Men

UFM started as athletic supporter briefs and boxer briefs. But we quickly realized that men all over could use them for a variety of reasons. This led them to become very popular for medical conditions as well as workwear because men need support in all aspects of their life, not just when they are working out (it's not like the sag ever stops - unless you're wearing UFMs).

Underwear For Men is happy to offer sizes as small as XS (24-26) and as large as 5X (56-58). As well as being available in a variety of colors we offer Briefs, 3" Trunks, 6" Boxer Briefs, and 9" Boxer Briefs. So no matter your size or style preference we will have something to help you get the support you deserve. 


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