Why is Underwear For Men the Best Mens Underwear?

Why is Underwear For Men the Best Mens Underwear?

What makes UFM the best mens underwear is our patented drawstring adjustable support pouch. This means you won't find this design anywhere except Underwear For Men!

What Sets Us Apart

  • High Quality Materials

  • Custom Fit

  • Superior Isolation and Lift

  • Adjustable Support 

High Quality Materials

Mens underwear has often come down to a simple choice, cotton or nothing. Polyester is a fairly new invention, coming around in the 1940s but not becoming popular in America until the 1950s. Compared to cotton which has been around as early as 800 AD although becoming known and used in America through the late 1500s and early 1600s. That means for more than 300 years the options people had for their clothing were somewhat limited. Underwear For Men offers two material options, Polyester and Bamboo.

Polyester: This material is rugged and durable. SInce it is a synthetic material it tends to hold up better over time. Polyester is made to wick sweat away from your body and also dry fast. That way you are not walking around in wet underwear. People love this material for working out and hot/humid environments. 

Bamboo: The closest comparison to Bamboo is Cotton. However, if cotton gets wet, it stays wet and won't dry until you take it off. Bamboo is designed to be soft and cool like a cotton with the major exception that it wicks sweat much better. This way you are getting the best of both worlds in terms of comfort and usability. 

Custom Fit

Mens underwear is often times a one size fits all (not including your waist size). You put on a boxer brief or brief and that's the end of the story. Here at UFM we understand that all men are created different and have different views on what is comfortable. That is why we offer different pouch sizes. Whether you want a pouch that is smaller and more compressed or larger with more room for comfort we will have you covered. 

Our support pouch sizes (going from smallest to largest) would be the Gen 3, Gen 4, Gen 3.1, and Gen 5. So if you need a smaller more compressed pouch for a workout or a larger more relaxed pouch for a casual day at the pool we will have you covered. 

Superior Isolation and Lift

Isolation and Lift are two of the most important factors when analyzing the best mens underwear. A standard brief or boxer brief just mashes everything together in one spot, creating a lot of heat and pinching. Our support pouch lifts you up and out from between your legs and isolates you away from the rest of your body. You stay higher up and slightly forward. Having both lift and isolation means that you can avoid rubbing or chaffing as there is less of your body rubbing together. With our boxer briefs the longer legs make sure there is even less skin on skin contact so there is even more chafe prevention. 

Adjustable Support

Underwear For Men offers a drawstring adjustable support pouch so that each man can get the exact amount of support he needs. Going on a run or working out? Pull the drawstring tighter for more support to make sure everything stays where you need it. Heading into the office for a full day of work? Give the drawstring a slight tug for a lower, more relaxed support and keep your mind focused on the job. Here at UFM we offer two different types of support levels. 

Maximum Support: Our Max Support (Gen 3/Gen 3.1) has a drawstring path that starts higher up. This means you get more lift to start and you can still pull the drawstring as much as needed to get even more support. People often prefer this style for working out and medical conditions. 

Regular Support: This style has a drawstring path that goes deeper down creating a more comfortable and relaxed pouch. You still get great support and many people still enjoy them for working out. But this is often the go-to for everyday and work wear. 

Underwear For Men is the best mens underwear thanks to its support, isolation, lift, fit, and quality. An unmatched design that will finally give you the comfort you deserve. Available in Briefs, Trunks, 6" Boxer Briefs, and 9" Boxers Briefs so no matter what style you like, you will be sure to find something with Underwear For Men. 





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