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Isolation AND Support


Underwear For Men is the only brand of men’s underwear that offers both isolation and support. Unlike other pouch underwear brands that have thin mesh panels or presized pouches, Underwear For Men has a patent pending design that prevents skin on skin contact and eliminates chafing. UFM Underwear is designed to move with your body so you can effortlessly go from one activity to the next without ever having to think about your underwear. At least until it’s time to order more.


All styles and generations of men’s underwear on our website feature the same patent pending design.


Support Your Manhood


Uniquely designed to keep men from having to adjust themselves, Underwear For Men’s pouch adjusts to create a custom fit. The drawstrings can’t be felt from the inside or seen from the outside. They gently work together to create a comfy pouch that isolates and supports. If this is your first time trying Underwear For Men, we recommend starting with any of the 4th Generation styles.


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