Are You Wearing The Right Mens Underwear?

Are You Wearing The Right Mens Underwear?

Earlier men didn't have the option to choose the right kind of underwear. They had to wear the same old underwear for months together as they could not afford a new one and did not had various options either. However, a changing trend is seen nowadays and the situation is not the same. With the help of innovative technologies, the field of men's underwear has seen a significant change.

Today, individuals have a lot of options to choose from and they can also purchase an underwear from the online store. People prefer to buy underwear from the online lingerie store because it helps them to avoid the embarrassment of shopping for briefs from the malls. The online world has made it easy for the user to buy anything at a click of a mouse. So if you are still wearing that old pair of boxer briefs, ask yourself, “Are you wearing the right underwear?”

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Nowadays, things have changed a lot. If you visit an online store you will come across a variety of underwear to choose from. While you might have been wearing briefs since your childhood, you can experiment with different kind of underwear and choose one that support your balls and keep you comfortable all day long.

Over the years, man has developed a fashion sense and does not dread away from shopping of the essentials. The greatest change that is observed in the men's inner wear is in the style and fabric. Different types of fabric used to design men's underwear include:


There has been no innovation in designing a cotton underwear, however, they still remain as the most preferred material. Cotton is a soft material that comes with breathable properties. Moreover, people choose cotton underwear because it is inexpensive and can be easily worn in different weather condition. However when you are exercising or playing a game of basketball or golf, it is better to ditch the cotton underwear and use a brief designed with more absorbent material.


Nylon is a great material to design briefs or boxers as it has a soft feel and it keeps the wearer dry. It is a great material that retains its color even after repeated washing. If you are someone who likes to work out, nylon is the best material, however, if you are traveling in hot and humid condition, nylon underwear is not recommended.


If you are looking for softest men's underwear, the modal would be the best bet. If you are not comfortable in underwear made up of nylon, you can choose modal briefs for its softness and retention properties. You can wear this material under anything as it won't cause any discomfort.


Another fabric that is fast gaining popularity in the men's underwear industry is polyester. A synthetic material, polyester is prepared in the laboratory and thus can be blended with different colors. When measured on the thickness scale, polyester measure half to that of cotton or other materials.

Polyester is a very lightweight and thin material and thus can be easily worn under tight fitting jeans. It comes with moisture-wicking properties and hence generally wicks away the moisture leaving the wearer dry and comfortable. If your job involves you to stay out in the sun for a long time, make sure you pick up an underwear made up of polyester.

The Right Choice Underwear

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