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The Only Men’s Underwear with Isolation AND Support


Just like women wear bras to support their womanhood, men wear Underwear For Men briefs and boxer briefs to support their manhood. Underwear For Men’s exclusive patent pending technology outperforms all other brands when it comes to isolation and support.


Underwear For Men is available in briefs, boxer briefs 6”, and boxer briefs 9”. Every pair features the same innovative pouch that adjusts to every man’s desired level of comfort and support. The pouch is made of a stretchy mesh fabric that comforts and cools. The soft, breathable fabrics wick sweat and prevent chafe. It truly feels like having nothing on.


Support Your Manhood


Most men need to adjust themselves numerous times throughout the day because they feel itchy, sweaty, or out of place. Uniquely designed to isolate and support, Underwear For Men’s exclusive patent pending technology creates a gentle hammock that supports, separates and lifts reducing the need for constant adjusting. The design also eliminates chafing and sweating.

If this is your first time trying Underwear For Men, we recommend starting with the Gen 4 boxer briefs and briefs.


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NEW UFM 4.0 Adjustable Support Brief Polyester-Spandex Red 36-38 (L) - Env

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Men's Briefs made with 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex blend are breathable, moisture wicking, and rugged for more intense use. Medium-low rise. Maximum long-term comfort. Available in 4 colors: Black, Red, Gray, and Royal Blue.


Originally introduced to the sports market in 2013, our REG Support 4th Gen Polyester-Spandex Briefs are worn by men to prevent chafing, rubbing, sagging, and sweating. Every pair of UFM Men’s Underwear has a patent pending adjustable pouch that isolates and supports to each man’s desired level of comfort. Our innovative technology built into the pouch gently supports and lifts to prevent the skin on skin contact that causes chafing. The pouch is made of a soft, breathable fabric. The drawstrings can be tied light for loose support or tight for extra support. The lightweight fabrics wick sweat and dry fast. Our Men's Underwear is great for: Golf Running Soccer Tennis Basketball MMA Rugby Walking Hiking Yoga And So Much More

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