American brand “Underwear For Men” believes in offering a comfortable experience to their customers. A man was never meant to remain naked and that’s why UFMs give them a reason to wear comfortable underwear that offer their package the required support. The success of the brand just don't come from the snug fit, but with the use of moisture wicking material.

It is the obvious choice of fabric for athletes and people whose job involve them to stay out in a hot and humid climate for long. The breathable fabric of UFM does not hold the sweat and keep your nutsack dry and free from chafing. UFM underwear is designed with 10% elastane and 90% polyester and thus help you to stay dry even after a vigorous exercising session.

Chafing refers to irritation of the skin and groin chafing can be really painful. People often do not like to talk about groin chafing as they believe that it is a delicate subject. If you are exercise enthusiast or travel a lot in hot climatic conditions, you must have experienced chafing at one point of time or the others. Chafing can result due to the skin on skin contact or due to rubbing of the skin with the clothes. Sweating only makes the condition worse and leave you in pain.

Another factor that makes UFM the obvious choice is that it is equipped with adjustable pouch. It is the only underwear that comes with an adjustable pouch. UFMs are designed with exclusive US patented and Intl patents pending adjustable drawstring support system and it helps in dealing with different problems. The wearer can easily adjust the support and keep his package away from the skin giving it a chance to breath.

The drawstring system cannot be seen from the outside nor can it be felt from the inside. UFM briefs are all about keeping the man's family jewels cool, supported and comfortable. UFM boxer briefs are great for athletic activities and are seen as a much more comfortable alternative to a jock strap. So whether you are looking for a pair of briefs as an everyday wear or want to give your twins some extra support, UFM will be the answer to all your problems.

In addition, the fabric does not bunch up nor does it lose its shape even after washing it for n number of times. The lightweight fabric of UFM boxer briefs offers excellent support to the wearer and does not wear out. So you can easily wear the UFMs day in and day out without worrying that they will lose their shape or will not provide the required support. Moreover, along with wicking away the sweat, the moisture-wicking fabric of UFM boxer briefs also kills the smell.

Are you suffering from incontinence or have recently undergone a groin surgery? If yes, you must be looking for underwear that will provide you extra support to deal with the problems. UFM is what you are looking for. UFM briefs keep the male guard locked in place and provide the extra support that you require. Doctors also recommend UFM to patients who:Have recently undergone a prostate surgery or vasectomy.

Are suffering from incontinence and want to remain comfortable by locking the guard in place

Are experiencing scrotal sag and want a solution to deal with the problem

So if you want to give your testicles the required support and want to make the exercising sessions more interesting, buy a pair of UFM. These are available in two options:

Boxer Briefs


You can easily buy them at Amazon or the UFM online store at a special price. So try a pair and forget the tighty whities that you have been wearing all these years.