What to Buy the Guy in Your Life Who is Impossible to Shop For

What to Buy the Guy in Your Life Who is Impossible to Shop For

We all have one in our lives- the man wears the same jeans he bought eight years ago, doesn't care about the latest iPhone, and shrugs and says "nothing", when you ask him what he wants for Christmas. We love and appreciate their humility and frugality, but you still want to treat them to something special this holiday season. That's where UFM comes to the rescue. Buying a man a quality pair of underwear is truly an investment in his overall health and well-being. The same way that a sleek, fitting bra can make a woman feel brand new, men need to feel comfortable and supported in their underwear. This is difficult because most men do not talk about their underwear- rather, it is something purchased in bulk from a local superstore. These mass-produced underwear quickly get holes and lose their shape, becoming baggy and sagging. Cheap underwear can also cause uncomfortable chafing and sweating, but that is not the case with UFM. Your man may never talk to you about the problems associated with cheap underwear, but, chances are, he's experienced this discomfort. UFM is made from quality fabrics that are breathable and moisture-wicking, and our US patented and Intl patents pending pouch system isolates and supports his manhood. UFM men's underwear is the perfect way to spoil him this holiday season. Chances are, he doesn't know what he's missing. Our products are designed for men of all ages and activity levels. Refer to the guide below if you want help choosing the pair that's perfect for him.

If your man is athletic: Our 3rd generation 6-inch polyester boxer briefs are designed for athletic use. They are a comfortable, breathable alternative to bike shorts and jock straps. These boxer briefs come in seven colors, from more traditional colors like black and white, to bold colors like royal blue and turquoise. If you man enjoys playing golf, our 4th generation 6-inch boxer briefs are perfect for wearing out on the golf course. The bamboo-viscose blend has a cottony-soft feel, so he'll feel comfortable from the first to last hole. Click here to shop our official athletic underwear section: https://www.ufmunderwear.com/athletic-underwear-for-men.html


If your man is big and tall: Our nine-inch boxers are perfect for men who are big and tall because they provide extra coverage for a wider leg. They won't ride up, so he'll never have to adjust. It is difficult for big and tall men to find clothes that fit right, much less underwear. Your man will feel confident and cozy in his 9-inch boxers. They come in three classic colors: white, black, and red. Click here to shop our official Big & Tall section: https://www.ufmunderwear.com/underwear-for-men-big-and-tall-boxer-briefs.html

If your man is recovering from a recent surgery: UFM is recommended by urologists for post-surgery use. The innovate design featured in our 3rd generation 6” polyester medical boxer briefs isolates and protects the manhood from chafing, so he can go back to his normal routine as soon as possible. Whether he's recovering from a recent vasectomy or complications due to prostate-related illnesses, UFM ensures maximum comfort. For more tips on how UFM can help your man recover from these procedures, visit: https://www.ufmunderwear.com/medical-underwear-for-men/post-surgery.html

If your man works an office job: Sitting down all day can result in itching and sweating in hard-to-reach places, which leads to constant adjusting. Readjusting your manhood at work or in any public setting feels inappropriate. While cheap underwear can ride up and chafe, UFM is made from breathable fabrics that make for perfect everyday use. Our 4th generation bamboo briefs are the perfect underwear for him to wear underneath suit pants or slacks. Click here to shop our official work underwear section: https://www.ufmunderwear.com/work-underwear-for-men.html

If your man is on his feet all day: Moving around all day can cause damage and wear on underwear that is not made from quality fabrics. If your man does a job that requires a high level of physical activity, he deserves underwear that will last. Our polyester 6" boxer briefs are made to last, and will be comfortable for your man throughout his work day. Click here to shop our 3rd generation boxer briefs that offer maximum support: https://www.ufmunderwear.com/work-underwear-for-men-boxer-briefs-g3.html?___store=default

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