Boxer Briefs from UFM: State of the Art Underwear Technology

Boxer Briefs from UFM: State of the Art Underwear Technology

Underwear For Men, more commonly known as UFM, has developed a US patented and Intl patents pending conduit system for men's underwear. Simply put -- we have made an adjustable pouch pair of men's underwear. Our company makes briefs and boxer briefs for men in favor of a better underwear solution. The design features used in the Underwear For Men brand all work together to increase your comfort, provide you with support, and fit your body as it should. In a world where technology consistently is updated, why not reap the benefits of improved underwear technology? Your manhood will certainly thank you. Customer Daniel S. says, "You have got to buy this underwear. It's the most comfortable underwear that I own, and it provides a great deal of support. Any man would enjoy wearing these, particularly since the comfort level is unmatched in any other underwear." If you are a man that needs an upgrade, try out a pair of UFMs for yourself.

Adjustable Pouch Underwear: Improved Technology

Underwear For Men has a US patented and Intl patents pending on the design of our men's underwear in both briefs and boxer briefs. UFM's include a drawstring that you simply tie to get different levels of support. The drawstring sits along the natural stitch line, so you don't see if from the outside or feel it from the inside. With the pull of a string, the wearer can adjust the amount of isolation, comfort, and support they receive at any given moment. Whether you are tying your drawstring higher or lower, you stay comfortable without needing to change your underwear for work, working out, and relaxing. Give one pair a try and soon enough, you're entire drawer will be packed with UFMs! Spouses love UFMs because once the wearer ties the string, there is no need to adjust. This gets rid of the pesky problem of watching a spouse adjust his manhood throughout the day. Although our men's underwear technology suits a man, it benefits spouses as well! With the drawstring tied, spouses also notice an improved profile view.

High Tech Fabrics Work For a Man's Body

In addition to the conduit system, UFM underwear is made using lightweight, smooth, breathable fabrics, and includes an articulated mesh fly panel. The mesh panel is breathable and gives you much-needed relief on the hottest days of the year. Our four-way stretch fabrication allows greater mobility and prevents the underwear from bunching up, losing shape, or wearing out. The rest of the briefs are made from fabric which is both elastic for support and durable for comfort. We chose a moisture-wicking fabric to keep men that are actively sweating as cool and dry as possible. Moisture wicking features keep your body try, stop chafing, and eliminate irritation. Now matter how many wash cycles your boxer briefs endure, our brand won't wear out.

A Better Size Chart For Your Men's Underwear

Do you find yourself accidentally exposing your plumber's crack to unsuspecting bystanders? Underwear For Men solves the problem of an ill-fitting waistband by sizing your briefs according to waist measurements. All you need to do is simply take a recent measurement of your waist and choose the side which corresponds to your size. Unlike the standard sizing like small, medium, and large, we size to your body. This prevents your waistband from riding up or down as you move. The better technology provided by Underwear For Men also means you get better sizing.

About Underwear For Men Boxer Briefs

Underwear For Men started thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign. Our team built a brand to suit guys in need of briefs or boxer briefs for athletic use. It didn't take us long to realize that men were wearing UFMs for all types of uses. Although they function well for athletic use, we encourage you to try your UFMs for everyday, medical, and work wear. UFM Underwear is available in briefs and boxer briefs.

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