Underwear For Men FAQ Series – Isolation of What?

Underwear For Men FAQ Series – Isolation of What?

Because our products are very innovative and unlike anything on the market, we receive questions from men and women about how the technology works and when the products should be used. One of the common questions we receive is, - what exactly is being isolated and from what?

Isolation Prevents Chafing, Adjusting and Sweating

Every style of UFM underwear has a pouch built into the front of the underwear designed to prevent annoying skin on skin contact between a man's package and his thigh. The pouch is designed so that all of the man parts fit gently inside. This kind of underwear is sometimes called pouch underwear.

UFM Makes a Better Mousetrap

Underwear For Men's US patented and Intl patents pending pouch isolates like no other. Every style of UFM underwear has a drawstring that adjusts to each man's sized level of comfort and support. Where a man puts his goods at the beginning of the day is where he will find them at the end of the day. The adjustable pouch eliminates chafing, rubbing, and adjusting.

UFM Isolation Dominates the Market

Compared to tighty-whities, boxer briefs, compression shorts, and other pouch underwear companies, there is no contest.

  • Tighty-whities are old fashioned, offer no support, and loose shape after a few washes. UFM briefs are stylish, and offer superior comfort and support. For men that like briefs, we make a moisture-wicking polyester spandex blend that wicks sweat and dries quickly. For men that like the feel of cotton, we also make a moisture-wicking viscose (bamboo) spandex blend that is extra cool and ultra soft.


  • Boxer Briefs are stylish, but offer no support. Most men complain that their manhood falls down the leg hole and sticks there, which causes adjusting issues and leads to chafing. UFM boxer briefs have a better mousetrap to ensure everything stays gently in place. For men that like boxer briefs, we make a boxer brief with a 3-inch inseam (coming-Fall 2017), 6-inch inseam, and 9-inch inseam. The 3-inch offers the least amount of leg coverage (top of the hamstring, just below the butt). The 6-inch offers medium coverage (upper to mid thigh). The 9-inch offers full coverage (below the hamstring).


  • Compressions shorts just smash everything into a sweaty mess that causes bacteria to grow. For men who play sports or like to workout, UFM boxer briefs are the perfect replacements for compressions shorts. The 3rd Generation offers maximum support compared to the 4th When selecting fabrics, the polyester spandex blend is more rugged compared to the viscose (bamboo) spandex blend. We recommend the polyester for medium to high intensity like running, basketball, football, or soccer,  and the bamboo for low intensity like golf, hiking, yoga or lifting weights.


  • Other pouch underwear companies have thin mesh panels on the sides of the pouch. The pouch is presized. By the end of the day, most men complain that their manhood shifts out of the pouch. Every style of UFM underwear has the same US patented and Intl patents pending technology that adjusts to every man's desired level of comfort and support. The pouch is made of a soft, breathable fabric that stretches. It truly feels like having nothing on.

Now that you understand what is being isolated and from what, it's time to buy your first pair. UFM is sized to fit a man's waist, so you should buy them based on the size of your favorite jeans. For $5 off your first pair, use promo code TRYAPAIR.  

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