Underwear For Men Now Sold at DGG Uniform and Apparel

Underwear For Men Now Sold at DGG Uniform and Apparel

At Underwear For Men, we are steadily developing relationships with a number of companies and expanding our network of retail partners. Our brand is rapidly building a product line of briefs and boxer briefs that work for men in all professions. We are proud to be stocked in DGG Uniform and Apparel. DGG is located in Jacksonville, Florida and is an established favorite among uniform purchasers. In addition, UFMs are also featured on DGG’s main website. Our US patented and Intl patents pending adjustable pouch underwear comes with an easy tie drawstring. You simply tie the drawstring to create a customized pouch for your manhood. Because traditional pouch underwear depends on a one-size-fits-most solution, you don’t always get the support you need for a hectic workday. This makes Underwear For Men a better and more supportive solution.

Underwear For Men: Designed for the Working Man

underwear for men sold at DGG

  Underwear For Men is proud to support the working man, whether he is a fire and rescue professional or working his way through the police academy. Our briefs and boxer briefs are a popular option for guys working in public safety, hospitality, schools, and the medical field due to the design features. Our designers carefully consider the features of our premium men's underwear before the design process begins. We care about meeting the needs of our customers. From sizing by waistband to tapering the leg, Underwear For Men is great for work, everyday, athletic, and medical wear. The design features that make UFM boxer briefs the right choice for men in uniform include:

  • A Tapered Leg So The Fabric Doesn’t Bunch or Ride Up
  • An Adjustable Pouch with a Drawstring Tie to Support Your Manhood
  • Seven Color Options So You Meet Uniform Restrictions
  • Moisture Wicking Fabric to Keep You Free of Sweat Throughout the Day
  • Sizing According to Waist Measurement So You Prevent Plumber’s Crack
  • An Adjustable Pouch That Supports Your Manhood
  • Complete Isolation of Your Manhood from Your Thigh Eliminates Chafing
  • A Drawstring That Stays in Place So You Don’t Need to Adjust Throughout the Day
  • No Bunching or Twisting of Fabric As You Bend and Move
  • Much-Needed Support for Men with Medical Issues
  • A 9-inch Inseam Option for Men with Longer Legs or Big Leg Muscles
  • Reducing the Amount of Odor You Have Because of Moisture Wicking Material
  • Comfort for Extended Workdays or Transitioning Between Activities
  • Never Squishing or Suffocating Your Manhood Like Compression Shorts
  • Keeping You Cool in the Hottest Months of the Year
  • Briefs, 6-inch, or 9-inch Boxer Briefs to Fit Your Personal Preference


Proud to Partner with DGG

The team at Underwear For Men is proud to partner with DGG because we support the working man. Underwear For Men or UFMs are built for comfort and made to last. Need support while you are running after a suspect? UFMs stay in place as you run and jump throughout the day. Always sweating and exerting yourself? Stay dry and chafe free with Underwear For Men. Originally designed for athletic use, our underwear quickly became popular among men looking for all-day support. Underwear For Men is a brand designed to work for you as you move, twist, turn, and bend. Transition between work, exercise, and play, without the need to change to a new pair of underwear.

Wear Underwear For Men to Work

Underwear For Men is a popular choice among working guys in a complete range of professions. Along with DGG Uniform and Apparel, Underwear For Men is now able to provide men with briefs and boxer briefs in professions known for variability, constant movement, and hectic days. Make the switch to Underwear For Men if you work in any of the following professions:

  • EMS
  • Fire and Rescue
  • Hospitality
  • Law Enforcement
  • Schools
  • Public Safety
  • Police Uniforms
  • Police Academy
  • Medical
  • Private Security
  • Schools


About DGG Uniform and Apparel

Underwear For Men for police and EMTs


DGG is known for providing a selection of high quality uniforms, clothing, accessories, and work apparel for its clients. They offer superior customer service to customers, whether you visit them in store or make a purchase online. DGG is certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise by the largest third-party certifier of businesses owned and operated by women. If you are looking for uniforms or work apparel, DGG stocks a solution for you.

About Underwear For Men

What started as a Kickstarter campaign grew into an established, national brand. Underwear For Men is sold online and in stores, including DGG. We are proud to sell Underwear For Men to men for everyday, athletic, work, and medical uses. Our urologist recommended briefs and boxer briefs are a great solution for guys that suffer from issues like hydrocele. Upgrade your men’s underwear and you’ll notice a big improvement in your quality of life. Try a pair of Underwear For Men today. Most of all, you notice how happy you are with your next briefs or boxer briefs on.

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