Have you ever worn a jockstrap for support to get you through a regular day? Do you wear a jockstrap during your workouts for support?  If so, you are not alone. Since 1874, men have purchased jockstraps to provide their manhood with support. For more than 100 years, there wasn’t much innovation in the world of finding a jockstrap alternative.  Now there is a solution that will make all of the difference in your daily routine and workouts. Underwear For Men has created a jockstrap alternative with our US patented and Intl patents pending, adjustable pouch underwear. We offer a better option than jockstraps and compression shorts. Our pouch underwear solves all of the problems that a jockstrap does – and more. You get less sweat, improved comfort, and isolation from UFM Men’s Underwear. There’s a jockstrap built into our pouch.  

Less Sweat During Workouts and Everyday Use

jockstrap alternative underwear for menJockstraps are known for being roomy enough to hold a man in place but also keep you cool during intense workouts. UFM has solved the sweating and the space issues for you with our adjustable pouch underwear that serves as a great jockstrap alternative. We sell briefs and boxer briefs made from moisture wicking material. So when you sweat, you dry quickly without starting to give off a particular smell. Patrick says, “I am very impressed with the UFM adjustable pouch. I have been working out in these since I got them a few days ago. They support better than the usual jockstrap. Also, they support my package very well. I am planning on ordering more of this underwear. I would highly recommend this product to guys who are serious about their workouts.” Jockstraps were invented by a cycling company with the purpose of providing support for extended bicycle rides. This was during a time in history when cycling was picking up speed as a hobby across the world. Whether cycling is your hobby or you use a jockstrap for other types of workouts, you no longer need to wear a jockstrap ever again. UFM Men’s Underwear is made from a moisture-wicking material so you stay dry during the toughest of workouts. Jockstraps aren’t moisture wicking, they simply have less material than other underwear options. UFMs keep you dry eliminating odor build up, so you can go from working out to work without worrying about the stench you are giving off.  

Isolation with Our Jockstrap Alternative

All too often, underwear promises isolation and doesn’t provide it. In the past, you may have turned to a jockstrap to meet all of your isolation needs. UFM Men’s Underwear offers isolation that you simply cannot get with other underwear. This is thanks to a drawstring that is built into the pouch that lifts and prevents your manhood from sticking to your thigh. UFMs provide a gentle, hammock-like feel.underwear for men isolation and jockstrap alternative There are two popular adjustment options – the ‘high and tight’ and the ‘slow and low’. Men often stick to the high and tight for workouts while adjusting to the slow and low for relaxation. Instead of sporting a dated jockstrap, upgrade your underwear choice to an alternative to a jockstrap with full isolation. UFMs are better than compression shorts as well because the pouch doesn’t smash and suffocate your manhood. The pouch is made of a 4-way mesh stretch fabric that allows for extra room, while still providing superior support. It genuinely feels like you have nothing on.  


Jockstraps were designed for function, not comfort. Underwear For Men offers an alternative to a jockstrap that is comfortable as well as functional. We designed the product with every man in mind. We saw an outdated option in the jockstrap, addressed the positives of a jockstrap, and created an underwear option that is simply a better alternative to a jockstrap or compression shorts. UFMs don’t lose elasticity or support in the washer and dryer. If you select the boxer briefs options, the tapered leg won’t roll up as you move. Finally, UFMs are sized by the waistband not by the traditional small, medium, and large sizing options. These features ensure your underwear doesn’t rub or chafe any part of your body. If you are used to not having any material on your legs while you work out, UFM Men’s Underwear also has men’s briefs. This allows your legs to feel cooler and less constrained while still reaping every benefit provided by UFM’s adjustable pouch. There is no better alternative to a jockstrap than UFM Men’s underwear. David P. says, “I really like my UFM boxer briefs. I wear them most everyday because of the look and feel. I like not having to adjust myself all the time. I especially like the 9" leg in the gym or bicycling. No need for that pesky jockstrap. Keep bringing out more colors. Your products are AWESOME.”  

About UFM

What started as a campaign on Kickstarter, has now turned into a brand designed to meet the needs of every man. We are proud to have created boxer briefs and briefs with an adjustable pouch. There is no other option like UFMs on the market. If you are still relying on jockstraps for exercising and even daily use, make the switch to our men’s underwear. You will also get an improved profile view of your manhood. Now available in seven colors, you can look stylish and be functional in your UFM Men’s Underwear. Our products are available in Big and Tall sizes as well. Look no further than UFM Men’s Underwear for a jockstrap alternative.