UFM Underwear Are Cool During Hot Summer Months

UFM Underwear Are Cool During Hot Summer Months

Summer is officially here which means it is time to say hello to some soft, cool, breathable mens underwear from UFM. Whether you are loitering in style by the pool or getting ready for your summer vacation, UFM boxer briefs and briefs provide you or your 'goodies' a better support and comfort.

Best Mens Underwear For Hot Weather

A great pair of cooling mens underwear is the first line of defenese between you and the dreaded summer sweats. Everyone gets hotter during the summer and along with the heat comes the sweat. Sweating often leads to chafing, being uncomfortable, sticking, and unnecessary skin on skin contact. Our patented adjustable support pouch keeps you supported and isolated which prevents all the previously mentioned issues. Keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the day, allowing you to enjoy even the hottest of summer months. 

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Comfortable and Cooling Mens Underwear

For years and years men having been using the same kind of underwear, briefs or boxer briefs. Materials may have gotten better but the design always stayed the same. People implented new designs but that was more flare than functionality. UFM has a US and Int patented drawstring support pouch that reinvented the design of mens underwear. Combining that with moisture wicking-fabrics that remain dry and comfortable to create one of the best mens underwear around. Polyester has long been known to be a great material for wicking away moisture. Yet our Bamboo material feels similar to a cotton but the wicking properties are much better helping to keep the fabric soft even when sweating. Standard cotton gets wet and stays wet which leaves you uncomfortable and more likely to get chaffing and rashes. 

Underwear is probably the single most functional garment you put on your body everyday and is one of the most important factors in whether you feel relaxed in your clothes. Staying cool and staying comfortable go hand in hand. Especially in hotter environments that also deal with humidity. Wicking away sweat keeps you dry and safe from discomfort. 

Here are some features that make UFM the underwear for you. Comfortable Fit: The underwear that you choose must be a snug but comfortable fit. It must be tight enough to provide good support to your package yet it must be comfortable enough to make you feel free. Quick Drying Fabric: The world's most perfect underwear must have some qualities such as quick drying, moisture-wicking, and highly absorbent materials. That way you stay dry and cool throughout the day. Front Panel: The underwear you choose must have an adjustable support pouch to protect your manhood. Our adjustable support pouch provides a custom fit to each man, because no two men are the same. Quality Waistband: UFM provides a waistband that is supportive and stays true to size. Designed to make sure it doesn't move or rub you in the wrong way. 

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