anti chafing running underwear for menCrotch chafe, Thigh chaffing, Thigh rub, Jock itch- whatever you call it, it remains a very fragile subject. And the main question that arise is; how to prevent chafing thighs. Soreness is a persistent issue for men. Nothing worse than being on a long walk, run cycle or gym and the inner thigh starts burning half way round. But not now, UFM underwear designed with anti-chafing, moisture-wicking and breathable fabric, which makes runners more comfortable. What are the main causes of chafing? It generally takes the form of raised skin or rash caused by friction either from skin on skin or skin on fabric rubbing. Severe cases can result in blistering and even perpetual bleeding but in the main, it takes a form of very irritating rash that gets incredibly sore.  

Running Underwear

The most important way to prevent thigh chaffing is to wear synthetic underwear that will not absorb moisture, UFM come with a synthetic fabric that makes you comfortable and dry. Runners must avoid cotton underwear as it absorb your sweat when you run and sticks to your skin. The seams of cotton underwear will then crumple up between your thigh and rub your skin raw. UFM offers running underwear that have 6-inches long leg to protect the top of your thigh from friction.

Cycling Underwear

For cyclists, few things can ruin the ride quicker than developing a rash or chafing in groin areas. Not only it can be painful during the ride, but the time it takes to heal can keep you off the bike for few days. The biggest factor in avoiding your chafing is your shorts, they are in continual and direct contact with your skin and if you are going to have some problem, that is usually where they start. UFM men's underwear provides a comfortable and supportive pouch, moisture-wicking fabric and the seams will be well located in a way that will minimize your friction and rubbing. Make sure your bike shorts fit you properly because extra material means extra moisture and rubbing.

Underwear for Workout

Underwear that rides, brunches or grips in all the wrong place can ruin your workout, cotton and sweat do not mix especially during exercise. Cotton underwear soaks up water and holds it, causing rubbing and chafing in your delicate areas. Plus too much moisture can lead to yeast and bacteria overgrowth this results a bad effect to your health as well as you are not getting a favourable ou tcome that you are looking from your exercise session. Because it is inevitable that you will sweat down there, so it is better to avoid cotton and moisture absorbing fabric such as nylon, rayon, etc. UFM brings a moisture wicking fabric and allow air to flow.

UFM underwear is one of the most popular clothing item to prevent chafing. It is an affordable brand that can be purchased directly through our website. Its styles feature an exclusive US patented and Intl patents pending adjustable pouch, flat seams, and breathable designs that wick away the moisture so that the wearer does not chafe. Shop now.