UFM Solves the Crossfit Underwear Dilemma

UFM Solves the Crossfit Underwear Dilemma

You need a crossfit underwear that works with you, not against you. Underwear For Men is here to solve that problem.

A Look Into Crossfit

The Start of Crossfit

Crossfit has gone from a fitness craze to a full-blown lifestyle. What began as an exercise program to train police, military, and firemen for duty turned into a fitness option for all people that like this style of cross-training fitness. Some men start crossfit and never look back. This is because crossfit is easy to measure, easy to vary, and fun to participate in.

Forbes reports, “There are now 11,000 crossfit gyms, or ‘boxes’ worldwide, up 22-fold from nine years ago…a cult whose brand generates some $4 billion in annual revenue.” But with a new workout method, comes the need for the right equipment. Underwear For Men started as an athletic underwear designed to help you stay comfortable during the most intense portion of your day. 

What is Crossfit?

More and more participants are jumping into this form of exercise that suits all people. So, what is crossfit? It is a high-intensity, varied, and functional exercise program. If you are looking to follow a standard cardio workout, then crossfit is not for you. The workouts are versatile and challenge the full-range of muscle groups. All in all, a dedicated crossfitt enthusiast becomes an athlete prepared for a number of sports. Many busy men make the switch to crossfit training because workouts are time-efficient, fun, and work out the whole body.

Benefits of Crossfit

Crossfit comes with a number of benefits. If you commit to this form of working out you just might see results beyond what you’ve achieved in other programs. Often, men go to one workout and end up hooked on crossfit because of the high energy experience. You definitely feel like you are getting the most out of your time when participating in high intensity interval training (HIIT) like crossfit. Constantly going from one activity to the next, changing up exercises, and making sure you never stop (except for the occasional sip of water).

Committed crossfit participants report many major benefits of this activity including:

  • Preparing Your Body for Endurance and Competitive Sports
  • Limiting Plateauing in Your Workout Routine
  • Decreasing Boredom During Your Workout Regime
  • Creating a Sense of Community with Other Exercisers
  • Increasing Fat Burning Compared to Steady Cardio
  • Better Flexibility
  • Improving Attention Span and Helping Your Memory
  • Helping Your Coordination
  • Boosting the Confidence You Have in Yourself

Underwear For Men - The Best Mens Underwear For Crossfit

About Underwear For Men

UFM is a men's underwear brand originally created for the purpose of athletic use. Our unique design incorporates a patented drawstring adjustable support pouch for your manhood. Simply pull the drawstring to your desired support level and you will stay there for your entire workout. This provides complete isolation of your manhood from your thigh while fully eliminating chafing. The right crossfit underwear makes it easy for you to focus on achieving your fitness goals rather than dealing with discomfort. Every aspect of design is geared toward a man that is moving, bending, twisting, and running. 

Why UFM is Great as Crossfit Underwear

Our boxer briefs offer a tapered leg which means the fabric on the inseam does not roll up as you move. People with larger or more muscular legs especially enjoy the 9" Boxer Briefs because the extra leg length makes sure everything stays right where you want it. Our Polyester fabric is also ideal for crossfit underwear because it offers the best moisture wicking abilities. That means even in the hottest and most intense conditions you will stay dry and comfortable as well as odor free.

Our crossfit underwear also has a higher rise so that things won't fall down when you squat or bend over. All our items are designed to fit on your actual waistline so they stay with you when you move and offer a perfect fit for every man.

Kenneth A. says, “These are the best athletic briefs ever. I work in industry as a mechanic and wear name brand moisture wicking underwear every day. They are fine for everyday wear but was looking for something with more support for working out. These UFM briefs are the perfect cross between a jock and moisture wicking underwear and the support is adjustable. You can't do that with a traditional jock. I like to jump rope in between lifting weights and these have held everything right up front and center without the feeling of being crushed.”

With Underwear For Men you get a custom fit from the waist line to the pouch. So that every man can feel comfortable in his own skin. Try a pair today!


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