9 People You Should Know By Underwear For Men

9 People You Should Know By Underwear For Men

Underwear For Men Briefs curated a list of professionals every modern guy needs to keep him looking sharp, healthy, and on track. As a modern gentleman, it is difficult to be a jack of all trades. While Underwear For Men is a big proponent of trying things yourself when possible, we also recognize that calling in professional help is essential at times. Don’t be a guy that’s afraid to ask for help when the right professional on your side saves you time, money, and effort. Every guy needs to get a few good professionals on his side to make life easier and better. From knowing your doctor to the local cobbler, a modern man knows who to turn to when he needs help. Our goal is to help men become better men whether it is through wearing the right briefs to knowing the right people.

Health and Appearance

#1: A Doctor That Knows You

Find a doctor that knows your case, knows your health, and understands your perspective. It is too easy to go to urgent care or book an appointment with someone in-network when you are really sick. Instead of convenience, consider forming a relationship. A doctor with all of your health information is able to treat you more effectively without leaning too heavily on medication. Looking great isn’t worth a thing if you aren't in good health.

#2: A Barber or Stylist

Think about it this way – your hair is something you wear every day. A good barber or stylist is able to give you professional advice while ultimately listening to your opinion. You are the customer in this situation, so don’t forget the stylist does work for you. Once you establish a relationship with your barber, he or she knows what you want when an appointment is scheduled. When you do want to change up your look, a person that knows your style is a great asset in achieving a new look.

#3: A Trustworthy Dry Cleaner  

Knowing where to go for dry cleaning is the key to looking good at all times. A dry cleaner preserves the integrity of your favorite clothes and revives expensive shirts with stains. Have clean and fresh clothes ready for a number of occasions, whether you are on an unexpected date or get called to a job interview. A dry cleaner is also a great source of information when you are looking for a tailor.

#4: A Local Cobbler

Have you ever had a pair of shoes you loved until they got holes in them? Instead of worrying about finding your next pair, get your shoes fixed by a cobbler. Your shoes don’t need to be expensive in order to get fixed. If they are your favorites, it doesn’t matter how much they cost when you made the purchase. Often, cobblers are of the old-school style of business – they give recommendations without charging you. A good cobbler won’t nickel and dime you.

Love and Relationships

#5: A Jeweler You Can Count On

No matter what stage of life you are in, a reliable jeweler is an asset for every man. Too often, jewelers are simply trying to upsell you or convince you to invest in add-ons. A good jeweler listens to your preferred style and selects options without trying to upsell. They often take a look at your existing jewelry and/or clean it for free. They remember your style from previous purchases. Even if it means less commission in the end, a good jeweler is meeting your design preferences not pushing your price limits.

#6: A Florist With Flair

With the recent commercialization of the florist industry, it feels like all of the options out there are all the same. The only way to know you are giving your loved ones unique arrangements is to fall back on a florist you know. This comes in handy during all stages of life – from sending flowers as congratulations to sending them for condolences. A true gentleman doesn’t rely on one-size-fits-all solutions.

Good People to Have in Your Corner

#7: A Knowledgeable Bartender

A good bartender serves as a good friend. If you know the guy behind the bar, you get served quickly, you get well-made drinks, and you look good in front of people you are trying to impress. A good bartender remembers your order and is able to make recommendations based on your past purchases. Once you’ve found a good bartender simply tip well and go from there.

#8: Your Mailman or A Service Person at The Post Office

It used to be more common than it is now to give your mailman a tip and the end of each year. Your mailman delivers your packages day in and day out without complaint. If you are a frequent user of Amazon Prime or you regularly ship packages, get to know the people handling your mail. At the post office, the person working behind the desk might save you money by offering cheaper shipping options. Also, a mailman with respect for you will handle your mail well and not try to cram everything into your mailbox.

#9: A Good, Fair Mechanic

The right mechanic has the potential to make or break your budget. Knowing you are leaving your car with a reliable professional gives you peace of mind. You need to know the car is getting fixed properly and you aren’t being overcharged. It doesn’t take long to determine if a mechanic is a good fit for you. When you don’t know where to start, get recommendations from friends.

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