UFM Boxer Briefs Presents: Car Essentials Every Guy Needs

UFM Boxer Briefs Presents: Car Essentials Every Guy Needs

In today’s world, it is easy to feel connected with your cell phone, GPS, and other phone applications. Don’t let feeling connected all of the time lull you into the belief that you’ll always be able to reach out to someone if you are in need. All too often, drivers get stuck on the road without any way to help themselves. Protect yourself in case of emergency by keeping a few essentials in your car, just in case, including an extra pair of Underwear For Men boxer briefs. Hopefully it will be like life insurance, something you have but rarely use. Underwear For Men -- UFM -- is starting a movement to inspire men to be better men. It all begins with the simple stuff – including an emergency preparedness kit.  

For Breakdowns, Emergencies, and Repairs

Imagine this – you are broken down on the side of the road. Of course, you’ve broken down at the worst time possible. Maybe it is snowing, maybe it you are stuck in the middle of nowhere – it just seems like break downs happen at the worst times. No matter where you are, when your car breaks down, you need:  

  • Tire Changing Supplies
  • Tire Sealant
  • Jumper Cables
  • The Owner’s Manual For Your Car
  • Tire Pressure Gauge
  • A Traction Helper (For the Winter)
  • Reflective Triangles

  The most common issue drivers experience on the road is getting a flat tire. Being prepared for a flat tire is essential because it is inevitably going to happen to you at least once in your lifetime. Your car should come with a jack for changing the tire but be sure to double check, especially if you bought the car used. If there is any question about a light illuminated on your dash board, your owner’s manual provides the answer. Remember, according to Murphy’s Law, you’ll break down where there is no cell signal for Google searches.  

Multipurpose Solutions

Every man should be prepared for a number of situations requiring basic tools. Duct tape is useful for nearly every situation – like a shoe breaking and needing put back together. Basic tools have an unlimited number of uses for minor issues. In addition, you won’t be taking up too much space with a scant set of tools. The list of multipurpose solutions is meant to serve you well in a number of conditions. Like the Boy Scouts motto says, “be prepared.”

  • Duct Tape
  • A Pair of Work Gloves
  • A Flashlight or Mini Lantern
  • A Multipurpose Tool
  • An Empty Gas Can
  • An Ice Scraper or Snow Brush
  • A Wrench
  • Screwdrivers


Life Savers

underwear for men all seasons

Hopefully it won’t be necessary to use the items in the ‘life saver’ category but you need to have them in your vehicle. Extra water might come in handy at any time, just remember to replenish the water when possible. An extra shirt or pair of boxer briefs keeps you smelling and feeling fresh if you get wet or are unable to make it home overnight. Of course, a Mylar blanket is an essential for an area where snow is possible. (Remember what happened in Atlanta 2014 – two inches of snow left them paralyzed.) Breakdown or not, keep your car stocked with these life savers and you’ll be the go-to guy in case of an emergency.  

  • Water Bottles
  • A Weather Radio
  • An Extra Shirt
  • An Extra Pair of Underwear
  • A Mylar Blanket
  • A Bucket or Pail
  • A First Aid Kit


Creative Ways to Use Your Spare Pair of Boxer Briefs

Although boxer briefs made its way onto the list of life savers, it also has a place on the multipurpose solutions list. Boxer briefs from Underwear For Men are the smart solution for all drivers. Think creatively – how can your pair of boxer briefs be used? They make a great:

underwear for men first aid kit

  • Flag for Help
  • Wear as Shorts if Your Pants Get Dirty
  • Use as Towel for Your Sweat
  • Backup Underwear in Case of Accidents
  • Wear as Swim Trunks When You Don't Have a Bathing Suit


About Underwear For Men

Be prepared for a number of situations if you stock the items on these lists. Keeping these items in the trunk of your car saves you from headaches and potentially keeps you safe until help comes. Underwear For Men is here to help men be better men, even if it is having the right tools to fix one of life's small problems. Our boxer briefs originally began as an athletic concept but easily transformed into a bigger idea. Our boxer briefs are great for every type of physical activity but also provide support for work, everyday, and medical uses. No matter where you wear Underwear For Men, the US patented and Intl patents pending adjustable pouch supports you as you move. Simply tie the drawstring to your preferred placement and you won’t have to adjust again. Boxer briefs come in a 6’’ or 9’’ inseam depending on your preference. The unique tapered leg design ensures that the fabric doesn’t roll up or bunch. The pouch provides a gentle hammock for your manhood. Try a pair of boxer briefs from Underwear For Men today!

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