The Best Underwear Advice For Active Man

The Best Underwear Advice For Active Man

So are you actively involved in different athletic activities? Do you take part in various activities that make your groin sweaty? Anyone who is a regular runner or loves to take up adventure activities would agree. However, it is important that you keep your balls supported to avoid them from getting injured.

As every individual differ so does their choices. While investing in a good pair is important, it is also equally essential that you wear an underwear that fits you well. Until a long time, men have been wearing the tighty whities, but they lack proper isolation and support. People generally 

prefer to wear an underwear that can be availed at low prices, however, in this process they underestimate the importance of proper support.

UFM underwear have been designed with revolutionary technology and they come with an adjustable pouch. The professionals have designed this underwear to deal with different problems such as:

  • Chafing
  • Excessive sweating
  • Sticking
  • Funky smell

The exclusive US patented and Intl patents pending adjustable drawstring support system is what separate the UFMs from other brands. The adjustable pouch makes it easy for the wearer to adjust it, according to his comfort level. Moreover, these are the only underwear in the world that comes with real adjustable support. UFM briefs are known to eliminate all the skin on skin contact to keep the things cool, comfortable and dry for the wearer.

If you regularly undertake long endurance workout, UFM briefs will keep you dry. Made up with 10% elastane and 90% polyester, UFM underwear quickly wicks away the perspiration to keep the wearer comfortable. It also prevents chafing as the testicles do not rub against the skin or cloth while staying safe in the pouch.

Moreover, the breathable fabric of the underwear does not ride up and offers protection from chafing. The fabric of UFM boxer briefs does not bunch up and thus a person can enjoy his day without feeling uncomfortable because of the underwear. UFM boxer briefs sit comfortably on your thighs, but it does not restrict your movement. You can easily move around while keeping your nuggets supported.

adjustable drawstring support underwear

Apart from boxer briefs and briefs, there are various other options that can keep you supported. If you have recently undergone a surgery or are experiencing scrotal sag, doctors may recommend you to wear a jockstrap to keep the testicles supported. Jockstraps provide support to the sagging testicles, however, it leaves the butt hanging around. Therefore, if you are looking for something more comfortable, choose UFM underwear.

If you are thinking about buying the UFM underwear, make sure you choose one depending on your actual waist size instead of choosing one based on your old underwear. Available sizes include:

  • Medium waist size 28-30
  • Large waist size 32-34
  • X-Large waist size 36-38
  • XX-Large waist size 40-42

The 1.5 inch waistband sits comfortably on your waist and offers a comfortable and secure fit. So with UFM, there is no need to adjust the undies again and again to remain comfortable. Just pull the drawstring and you are good to go.

People who are suffering from incontinence can also buy these boxer briefs and maintain their dignity. UFM works well with different male guards such as Prevails and Depends as it locks the guard in place and thus makes it easy for the wearer to carry out different activities without worrying about the incontinence problem.

So if you are looking for a comfortable pair of underwear that comes with a modern design, choose UFM. The underwear range of UFM comes in three different colors, so take a pick according to your choice. You can even wear the UFM boxer briefs under tight fitting jeans as the flexible material will not bunch up. So buy one today and enjoy the comfort that thousands of our customers have been experiencing.

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