UFM Briefs: Make the Switch Today

UFM Briefs: Make the Switch Today

Stop what you are doing and look down at your underwear. Seriously…just give them a quick glance. Does your underwear have holes in it? Can you remember what year it was when you bought them? Does your spouse roll her eyes every time she sees your current pair?  Now is the time to be proactive about the underwear you wear. You can do so much better! Make a change that not only impresses your spouse but also supports your manhood by switch to men’s briefs from Underwear For Men. These aren’t your dad’s saggy, loose, and just plain ugly tighty whities. UFMs are designed to support your manhood with a material that never loses support. The innovative pouch also creates a nice profile. (Your spouse will love it.)

Why Should You Make the Switch to Briefs

UFM Briefs are popular among active men, men with larger legs, and even guys that just don’t like the feel of fabric on their legs. Often motorcyclists, drivers, and men that sit for a considerable amount of time choose briefs to feel comfortable for hours on end. With UFMs, there’s no need to adjust your manhood. The drawstring helps to isolate and support your manhood into a comfy pouch. If you regularly dress in business attire or tighter jeans, UFM briefs keep you cool with no fabric on your legs and they are made from moisture wicking material. With briefs, you never have to deal with material riding up and causing creases under your pants. Mary W. says, “I bought these for my husband. After the first 20 minutes of wearing them he said they were really comfortable. He actually liked the support that the briefs gave his jewels… To me these briefs are just like a bra for men. It helps support their goods with out hindering comfort.”

Improve Your Profile View, Just Ask Your Significant Other

In a survey for AskMen.com in February of 2016, 40% of men reported that briefs are the type of underwear that made them feel “most like a man.” Briefs accentuate your manhood and can make your profile look better. UFM Men’s Underwear makes use of a US patented and Intl patents pending adjustable pouch which can be tied gently to suit your preferences. It looks and feels like it is customized to your manhood. This convenient hammock-like effect not only supports your manhood, it also improves your profile view better than other brands. If you want to make the switch to an underwear option that makes you feel most like a man, invest in a pair of UFM Briefs for yourself. Your partner will definitely be impressed as well. Joy says, “I received these UFM underwear for review and my hubby is now explaining it to me! He says the support in the needed areas are finally provided and wants more of these! They are adjustable to fit YOUR body, not a generic fit. Let me tell you about the look of these undies, my husband is now highlighted to perfection in these.”

Look Good and Feel Good

UFM Briefs look stylish but also serve a functional purpose. Our briefs are made from a moisture wicking material to keep you free from odors and sweat. Whether you are a firefighter that is always on his feet or a business man that is presenting for a big client meeting, you’ll feel uncomfortable with your UFMs tucked and tied. Because the pouch is adjustable, you never feel restricted as you wear UFM Briefs. The adjustable pouch stays in place throughout the day so you aren’t left with discomfort or chafing as you sit, stand, and move around.

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Consistent Support with UFM Briefs

The complete isolation of your manhood from the rest of your body makes our briefs better than other brands. Unlike brands made from cotton, the support provided by our briefs never stops. Cotton stretches after enough wash cycles but UFM Briefs do not. This means you will never get your manhood sticking to your thighs, whether this is the first time you’ve worn your pair or the hundredth. Now more than ever, men are becoming more conscious about their underwear choices. With so many options out there, some men get overwhelmed settle with what they’ve always purchased. Don’t stick to your old style of men’s underwear when you can upgrade your look with UFM Men’s Underwear.

Sized to Fit Your Manhood

Finally, UFMs are not sized generically. We use waist sizes, which means every man gets a pair of briefs that fits properly. To determine your size, simply look up your waist size on our size chart. We carry big and tall as well with waist options up to 58 inches. Once you switch to UFM briefs, you’ll be tossing your old pairs in the trash.

About UFM Underwear

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What started as an idea on Kickstarter has turned into an underwear brand designed for men. Unlike the traditional pouch underwear styles, UFMs come with a drawstring pouch to adjust to your preferences. You don’t have to switch briefs for different activities. You simply tied the drawstring either high and tight for exercise and slow and low for relaxing. UFM briefs will feel customized to your body, always stay odor free, and don’t ride up or down as you move. Try a pair today to see what you’ve been missing.  

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