Silk Underwear For Men - Underwear For Men

Silk Underwear For Men - Underwear For Men

If you have ever tried to slide across a set of silk sheet you know what the outcome is: you slide of the bed and end up with enough static electricity to power a small town. While you might think silk looks you need to stop and think how your genitals feel.

Problems with silk:

  • Silk Underwear does not wick moisture so on hot days, it will get a little hot and a little wet.
  • Silk Underwear creates static cling and static electricity. Your underwear will be clinging to and shocking your genitals from the time you put them on to the time you take them off.
  • High-end silks, when they aren't filled with static, actually feel really good - too good in fact. If you wear silk to work make sure you wear your belt buckle a few notches tighter in case you need to do a little tuck 'n hide at work.

Silk Alternatives

Silk underwear might be good to wear in the bedroom, but if you are planning to keep them on instead of ripping them off, you may want to reconsider. For your everyday underwear, UFM Underwear offers a better solution. UFM Underwear for Men US patented and Intl patents pending

Silk Underwear Alternative UFM Briefs Inside View

adjustable pouch is incorporated into every pair of briefs and boxer briefs. You control the pouch which means you control the level of isolation, comfort, and support. You can go to work, head to the gym, go out for a game of golf - all while wearing the same pair of underwear you put on that morning. Experience UFM Underwear for Men and see why so many men are making the change.

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