The age old question that plagues men is -- what underwear does my partner want me to wear? You don't need to wear uncomfortable men's underwear with cut outs and detailed features to impress someone. In fact, in a recent poll conducted by GQ, 64.5% of women prefer boxer briefs on their guy. No matter the reason, a switch to boxer briefs can impress your partner and also leave you feeling more comfortable. Accentuate your body but also experience what it's like to have properly fitting, sexy mens underwear with Underwear For Men. Our boxer briefs are designed to support your manhood, keep you cool, and provide you with comfort while also being sexy men underwear.  

Comfortable UFM Underwear ShopWhat Makes Boxer Briefs Sexy Mens Underwear?

Think of it this way -- what is the male equivalent of the push up bra? It probably isn't the boxer, everything is just hanging loose. It definitely isn't your average pair of tighty whities, those haven't been updated in decades. So, that leaves the trusty boxer brief as your option for sexy mens underwear. With the right amount of elasticity, your manhood is accentuated for your partner to appreciate. Some of the reason boxer briefs are seen as sexy mens underwear include:

  • Fitting Well Under Your Clothing
  • Looking Manly and More Refined Than Loose Underwear
  • Accentuating the Look of the Thighs
  • Eliminating Lines or Bunching from Underwear
  • Exposing Your Partner to Less Adjustment
  • Boosting a Man's Confidence

Unlike your standard boxer brief, Underwear For Men includes an adjustable pouch. Simply tie the drawstring to suit your body and provide you with a custom hammock to support you. As a man, you reap the functionality of a supportive pair of underwear. As your partner, there is an appreciation of the way your manhood looks in the tied pouch. Many of our customers report to enjoy the benefits of a 'boost' from this adjustable pouch. Mack, an online purchaser, says "My junk is very happy. Throwing out all the other plain underwear. Update: I have had these now for a few weeks and do not wear my old underwear anymore. Do yourself a favor and get some."   

What Makes Boxer Briefs Functional?Underwear For Men

Boxer briefs are popular among men because of their function as well. When you get boxer briefs from UFM, you are getting a number of features that support you for work, sport, and everyday wear. We even have guys wear our boxer briefs for post-surgery recovery. Our brand prevents chafing during workouts not only from the length of the leg but the isolation of the pouch. UFMs minimize all skin to skin contact between your manhood and your thighs. Underwear For Men is made from moisture wicking fabrics that keep you cool and comfortable throughout a hectic day. Our men's underwear has function as well as style. Our customers report a decrease in chafing but also not feeling squashed inside your tight underwear. You don't have to sacrifice function in order to wear sexy mens underwear. Customer Joe M. ays, "I bought my first pair of UFMs when I had a testicle medical issue. I needed the extra support. I showed them to my urologist who also thought they were great. I'm sure he has since ordered some for himself. After my surgery, I ordered 3 more because they are so comfortable. Great for the active man, plus my wife loves how they look, especially the camo ones."   

About Underwear For Men

Underwear For Men is an innovative men's underwear company focused on function and style. We want our customers to love our underwear for work, sport, medical, and everyday wear. Our boxer briefs are available for men with up to a 58'' inch waist. You can try our 6 inch inseam for a standard length or a 9 inch inseam if you prefer more fabric on your legs.