Frigo underwear is packed with technology, but at $100/pair is it worth all the hype? How it Works: For the most comfortable fit, adjust the Frigo pouch by using the buttons on both sides. Starting with one side, unfasten the elastic from the button that holding it in place. Refasten the button in a hole further down on the elastic strip if you want more active support, or in the other direction for more cradling. Remember to move both buttons to the same number of holes to keep things straight. Snap the pants back in place to see if they are fitting properly, and make adjustments if necessary. Note that your entire anatomy is supposed to be placed in the pouch. With Frigo underwear, the pouch itself is not adjusted. What gets adjusted is the location of the pouch which can be moved in toward the groin, or out away from the groin. BETTER ALTERNATIVE UFM Underwear, which sells for only $24.95/pair doesn't have butt vents or expensive imported fabrics, but it does have a feature no other pair of underwear has: a REAL adjustable pouch. What makes UFM Underwear unique is the internal conduit. When adjusted, it creates a pouch that provides isolation, support and comfort specific to the wearer. The pouch can be worn loose for a day at the office, or pulled tighter before going out for a jog. It is the only underwear on the market that lets the wearer control the amount of isolation and support the underwear offers. It is designed to FIT YOU, no matter who you are. Learn more about UFM's US patented and Intl patents pending underwear technology. Learn more/buy: