How Pouch Underwear Saved Our Saggy Balls!

How Pouch Underwear Saved Our Saggy Balls!

Saggy balls are something that every man will have to deal with eventually. Gravity is the undefeated champion! Until pouch underwear came along and started putting up a fight. 


Saggy balls are a completely normal thing that men encounter, usually as they start to age. Our balls are located in a scrotal sack so that they can adjust with the temperature. When it is hot, they move farther away from the body to try and cool themselves. When it is colder they move closer to the body for warmth. But as we age our skin loses collagen. Which helps to keep skin structurally sound. So as guys have their package move up and down throughout the years, it starts to wear on the structure of the scrotum. Which leads us to having saggy balls. 

Are Saggy Balls a Problem?

If you are constantly uncomfortable or feel like it decreases your quality of life then, yes, saggy balls are a problem. But what each person finds comfortable and what they are willing to deal with differs from person to person. Some people may have more or less sag than others depending on if they have had other medical conditions or accidents. The more sag, the worse it gets as it can make it harder to use the bathroom and even find the right clothes. The problem of saggy balls can affect everyone from teens to elders. It is especially prevalent in the older crowd, but it can start happening at a very young age. 

How To Help Your Saggy Balls!

Some men opt to have surgery to remove some of the scrotal sack. This procedure aims to remove excess skin and pull everything closer together. It is not the most invasive surgery, you can usually go home the day of it. But you will be sore for up to a couple weeks afterward. So far this is the only proven medical technique to help with saggy balls, there isn't a lotion or potion around that will work, despite what some may advertise.

Pouch Underwear is the real answer to the saggy balls problem.

The idea behind this concept is that you put your entire package into the pouch and let that hold you in place. Pouch underwear should offer support, meaning that the pouch supports you so that your scrotal sack doesn't have to, which means less stretching out over time. Take that, gravity!

Pouch underwear should also isolate you from your body. Taking you out from between your legs and keeping you safe and secure in one spot all day. This helps you to stay cool because your scrotum is held up away from your other body parts. This also reduces the chance for chaffing since you have less skin rubbing against each other. Not to mention that pouch underwear is also quite comfortable because you no longer have to worry about adjusting yourself or something being where it shouldn't. That means no more sitting on yourself!

Pouch Underwear Offers:

  • Support

  • Isolation

  • Safety & Security

  • Comfort

You can find all of these things at Underwear For Men-Medical. Not only are we urologist recommended worldwide, but we have over 4000+ 5 Star Reviews. UFM is pouch underwear that you can believe in. 



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