The Retired Guy’s Choice: Underwear For Men

The Retired Guy’s Choice: Underwear For Men

Have you said goodbye to your professional career for good? Once the parties are over and the cake is finished, you look out and realize you have a whole life ahead of you. As a retired guy, you have the opportunity to do whatever you want, whenever you want. Maybe you plan on traveling or maybe you’ll finally complete all of those home projects on your list. Whatever your plans, Underwear For Men has the right underwear solution to support your manhood. Our brand began as an athletic underwear concept but we immediately saw UFM pouch underwear as the right solution for all wearers. Try a pair of our pouch underwear today for everyday use, work, medical, and athletics.


Athletic Pouch Underwear For Enjoying Hobbies

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Just because you are retired doesn’t mean you have to stop working out. Whether you are a gym guy that sticks to his regular routine or a hobbyist that enjoys the outdoors with hiking, you need athletic underwear to support you. Simply tie the drawstring to your ‘high and tight’ preference and start moving. Our boxer briefs mean you no longer have to adjust as your exercise or feel compressed while in motion. Retired guys also love our pouch underwear because of our unique tapered leg design. When you pull on the briefs, they stay put without the leg rolling up or down. Finally, our pouch underwear is made from a moisture-wicking material that keeps you cool and dry as you exercise.

Work on Projects with Your UFM Pouch Underwear

Now that you are retired, you finally have time to work on all of your at-home projects. Creaky doors, basement finishing, yard work, and even major projects are common tasks a retired man takes on. Our boxer briefs are designed to suit you as you move, twist, bend, and squat. Our underwear is sized by waist measurement, which means the waistband always fits your body. This completely eliminates the plumber’s crack. You also won’t experience odor which is common among guys that are sweating throughout the day. If you are a bigger guy or you have larger legs, the boxer brief with the 9-inch inseam fits your body. Simply tie your adjustable pouch and go. Thanks to Underwear For Men’s boxer briefs, you get support and comfort as you work around the house.

Pouch Underwear For Retired Guys With Medical Conditions

As a man ages, he is more likely to face a number of medical conditions. Whether you have a diagnosed condition or you are experiencing discomfort because of sagging, UFM boxer briefs support your manhood. Our US patented and Intl patents pending adjustable pouch underwear has a simple drawstring for you to tie to your preference. The pouch allows complete isolation of the manhood from the thigh, which supports your testicles and fully eliminates chafing. Our boxer briefs are urologist recommended for recovery after surgery, men with incontinence issues, and guys with sagging testicles.

Pouch Underwear Perfect For Everyday Use

With UFMs in your underwear drawer, there is never any question about getting the support your manhood needs for all of your daily activities. Retired guys don’t have a set schedule – and they just don’t need one. So, no matter where your day takes you, our boxer briefs provide you with comfort and support. The moisture-wicking material keeps you sweat free, the tapered legs never roll up as you move, and the waistband doesn’t cut into your skin. All of the design features that come with UFMs come together to create underwear for the retired guy. Day in and day out, UFMs are here to support your manhood. Women love our brand as well because they no longer have to deal with their partners adjusting all of the time and pouch improves a man’s profile view. See for yourself when you buy a pair for everyday use.  Amanda M. says, “They look really good on too. He says that the adjustable thing makes it to where he can make them fill just perfect, because he can put it how he wants. He works out tons, so he was really excited about how they don’t ride up or move when he is working out. I’ve told all my friends how good they look on and now they’re all are ordering them for their husbands. I definitely am going to a few more pairs for him.”

About Underwear For Men Pouch Underwear

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A successful Kickstarter campaign started the Underwear For Men brand. Our company makes briefs and boxer briefs all with the US patented and Intl patents pending adjustable pouch that ties with a drawstring. Simply tie to your desired comfort level and you are ready to go. Retired guys easily switch activities throughout the day without switching their underwear selections. Once you switch to Underwear For Men, you’ll soon find yourself owning a pair in every color. Feel the difference and experience relief with our boxer briefs.

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