How to Choose the Right Pouch Underwear For Your Body

How to Choose the Right Pouch Underwear For Your Body

When it comes to finding the right size clothing, men supposedly have it easier. For pants and shorts, sizing is by waist size or in small, medium, or large increments. The more precise the sizing, the better it feels. Feeling comfortable with what you're wearing can make all of the difference in how you function throughout the day. At Underwear For Men, we want you to feel comfortable with what you are wearing, starting with the first thing you put on, your underwear. Be sure to choose your pouch underwear based on your body type. We offer briefs, boxer briefs with a 6 inch inseam and boxer briefs with a 9 inch inseam. Most pouches come pre-sized, but not our pouch. Whether you are tall, short, thin, broad or lean – Underwear For Men is the perfect pouch underwear for you. You deserve support, comfort, and structure that doesn’t suffocate your manhood. Underwear For Men sells underwear styles for every body type including men who wear big and tall sizes. If you are constantly adjusting, always feel unsupported, or experience chafing, you simply aren’t wearing underwear that fits your body type. Remember: Many men are a combination of body types. There is nothing wrong with trying out a few options until you figure out what is right for you.

An Athletic Man or a Man With Larger Thighs

If you are a man with larger thighs or a more athletic build, you likely have trouble finding underwear to fit their legs. You often deal with fabric suffocating your thighs or riding up during regular activity. Weightlifters, soccer players, and men with naturally big thighs need a longer inseam to cover their legs. You want your underwear to fit, without riding up. Underwear For Men is proud to offer pouch underwear with a 9-inch inseam. The tapered leg on our 9-inch boxer brief is designed to fit without riding up, even as you move. We don't use rubber to hold the legs down so you don't have to worry about any leg hair pulling. The soft, breathable fabrics wick sweat and prevent chafe.

A Slimmer Man With Trim Legs

briefs underwear for men black adjustable pouch


If you are lean or have a body type common to runners, you often face legs that are too lose and a pouch that doesn’t support you as you move. Briefs from Underwear For Men are a popular option among men with slim builds. We offer adjustable pouch underwear with two popular drawstring options – the high and tight which provides extra support or the slow and low which provides light support. Depending on your activity level, the drawstring is easy to adjust to your desired preference. Men with trim legs should make the switch to our briefs for maximum comfort and support.

A Man With a Larger Butt or a Larger Manhood

Sometimes, genetics leaves you with a larger butt or a bigger manhood. Your standard large underwear simply doesn’t fit your body like it should and leaves you feeling unsupported. Adjustable pouch underwear is the right choice for you if you find yourself filling out the one-size-fits-all pouch that most men rely on. Underwear For Men is proud to provide you with a unique product that can be adjusted to fit your manhood. If you have a larger butt, our pouch underwear is designed to cover your body. Our moisture-wicking fabric has stretch to it, which benefits men that need more space in the front or back. We recommend our cooling pouch briefs for men who are tired of tight underwear that suffocates their manhood.6 inch boxer briefs underwear for men black

Shorter Guys

If you are a man under 5’8’’, you likely have shorter legs and a smaller torso than the average man. Your biggest problem is likely the length of your boxer briefs simply don’t fit your height. Underwear For Men offers two options designed for a shorter man’s body. The most popular option is the brief. You don’t have to worry about the fabric on the legs fitting you or where it hits your thigh. If you prefer a boxer brief, the 6-inch inseam is perfect for you. Our tapered leg hits you at the appropriate spot on your leg and doesn’t ride up or down as you move.

Taller Guys

9 inch boxer briefs for men

Officially, a man considered to be on the tall end of the height range is a man over 6’ 2’’. If you are this height or taller, a typical pair of underwear may not fit like it should. Shorter boxer briefs likely end up as trunks on your legs. The right underwear for a taller man is a boxer brief with a longer inseam. Underwear For Men offers pouch underwear in a boxer brief style with a 9-inch inseam. With longer legs, you need a longer inseam to reach the appropriate spot on your thighs. Our US patented and Intl patents pending adjustable pouch underwear fits your manhood, even if you are a more endowed man. Because our underwear is sized to fit your waist, it doesn’t ride up or down.

Bigger Guys

A large percentage of men in the United States are classified as Big and Tall. If you are in this size range, you often deal with tight waistbands and underwear that leaves you with a plumber’s crack. Underwear For Men is different than other options, we size our brand based on waist size so you always get the right fit. Our pouch underwear is available for men with up to a 58-inch waist. Eliminate ill-fitting underwear from your wardrobe with pouch underwear from our company in either the brief or boxer brief. All big and tall sizes come with the extra fabric you need feel supported and comfy all day. The soft, breathable fabrics wick sweat and prevent chafe.

About Underwear For Men

Underwear For Men is an underwear brand that is designed for men of all body types. Our pouch underwear has a US patented and Intl patents pending drawstring that adjusts to isolate and support your manhood. There is nothing like it on the market. Our men's underwear is sized according to your waist. This means your underwear fits and doesn’t ride up or down as you move. We sell briefs and 6- or 9-inch boxer briefs. We offer seven colors including white, black, red, royal blue, turquoise, camo, and gray. With more than 1,500 five-star ratings, our brand has established itself as a pouch underwear designed to fit every man. Get the support you need for work, medical, sport, and everyday wear. No matter your body type, Underwear For Men is designed with you in mind.  

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