Benefits Of Adjustable Pouch Underwear

Benefits Of Adjustable Pouch Underwear

Have you noticed a change in men’s underwear lately? Now more than ever there are more companies touting ‘pouch underwear’ as the solution every man seeks. This type of underwear is meant to provide support, comfort, and even profile enhancement. Just like women need a bra to support their womanhood, men need underwear that supports their manhood. While typical pouch underwear is made to provide you with support, it often doesn’t. You can only reap these benefits of pouch underwear if it fits right. Typically, if you're a size small, the pouch is made in a corresponding size. Depending on the size of your manhood, you’ll find yourself feeling smashed and sweaty or loose and unsupported.  If you are one of the many men wearing pouch underwear that find yourself "floating free" or "bulging out", there is a better alternative: the UFM adjustable pouch. UFM Underwear is the only underwear with an adjustable pouch that fits custom to your size.


So, What’s with Adjustable Pouch Underwear?

UFM Underwear does not believe that one size can fit all, which is why we developed a US patented and Intl patents pending adjustable pouch. Our briefs and boxer briefs all have the adjustable pouch. The drawstrings that tie the pouch can't be seen from the outside and can't be felt from the inside. When the you pull the strings at the top of the waistband, you can tighten or loosen the pouch specifically to your need, preference, and size. The two most popular techniques are the ‘high and tight’ for high intensity movement and the ‘slow and low’ for relaxation.  Both are gentle on your manhood and provide a hammock-like system for support. Aside from offering wearer-specific isolation, comfort, and support, you don't have to worry about the pouch stretching out. If at any time you need more, or less, isolation or support, you can simply loosen or tighten the pouch. No more sweating, no more adjusting, no more chafing or discomfort.


The Advantages of Adjustable Pouch Underwear


Underwear For Men was created for men by men. Although the adjustable pouch is a life-changing feature, we have also designed a number of benefits that make our pouch underwear the best ones you will ever try. We don’t stick to standard sizing, the adjustable pouch stays in place, and the material never loses elasticity or support with use.

Sized to Fit Your Waist

Unlike the standard sizing system made for boys, UFM doesn’t use Small, Medium, and Large. We have men's sizes that go by your waist size. This way, you get a waistband that is tailored to your size. It won’t ride up, down, bunch or chafe. We sell big and tall sizes in all of our briefs and boxer briefs. UFMs were truly created with the average man in mind. We welcome you to give your UFM Pouch Underwear your toughest test. As you crouch, bend, and twist, you won’t be pulling at your waistband or showing your plumber’s crack to your coworkers.

Tapered Leg Won't Bunch or Ride

UFMs are available in briefs and boxer briefs. We sell the boxer briefs in 6’’ and 9’’ lengths. The longer lengths are great for men with muscular legs because the tapered construction of UFM Pouch Underwear doesn’t ride up as you walk. Dean B. says, “I got the 6" boxer briefs. They are comfortable to wear with no chafing from the leg seams. The adjustable pouch works great and keeps the boys cool and dry. Also the legs don't ride up. Other boxers briefs that I have tried always ride up your legs and get bunched up like trying to strangle your groin region. These UFM's stay in place wearing jeans or dress pants. They got my two thumbs up!”

Adjustable Pouch that Stays Put

The revolutionary adjustable pouch not only feels customized to your size, it also stays put once you tie it. A lot of men make the switch to pouch underwear hoping that their days of constant adjustment are over but unfortunately these pouches are made for the ‘average’ man. With UFM Underwear, your manhood stays completely isolated and supported. You won’t be retying your strings just to stay comfortable.

Moisture Wicking and Supportive Material 

While other brands stick to cotton material for their pouch underwear, we decided to commit to a moisture wicking material designed for the busy man. No matter what your occupation or activity level is, you should never feel sticky or sweaty. In addition, cotton loses support with every wash and dry cycle. Your UFMs will stay supportive whether you have washed them once or 100 times.

About UFM Underwear

When it comes down to it, UFM Underwear stands out from other pouch underwear brands because of the range of features that simply make it a better option. We have thousands of five-star reviews from actual customers. Sometimes, the customers say it better than we can.  

UFM Boxer Briefs adjustable pouch drawstring underwear

Mark S. from Los Angeles says, “There is a revolution going on in underwear design and UFM are riding the cutting edge. 'Contour pouches' are great, but one size does NOT fit all. The custom drawstring design helps achieve the “lift & separate” feature that the Wonder Bra offered women! The fabric feels great and wicks away moisture so my boys stay comfy and dry all day. Even when I sit down they’re out front and out of the way and don’t get crushed…I know guys aren't supposed to talk about their underwear, but I want to throw all my current boxer briefs away and refill my drawers with these guys. It’s worth mentioning that the fit seems very accurate, the waistband doesn’t roll, and the materials seem very high quality. Great fit and finish over all.

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