Polidan Inc. Acquires UFM Underwear For Men

Polidan Inc. Acquires UFM Underwear For Men

PR SUMMARY: Florida-based Polidan Inc. has announced their acquisition of UFM Underwear for Men. This acquired company produces mens underwear products that feature a unique, US patented and Intl patents pending, adjustable support system for men who want a comfortable under garment with superior support. PR BODY:

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Polidan Inc., a business based in Florida, has made the announcement that they have acquired UFM Underwear For Men. This latest activity makes Polidan a supplier of some of the top quality mens undergarments in the athletic, workwear and medical specialty markets. The underwear features a US patented and Intl patents pending adjustable support system that is designed to provide superior support for men who require a more secure undergarment without the stigma that comes with the basic white brief. The product has very loyal customer following, and John Polidan, CEO of Polidan Inc., had the following to say regarding this latest buy: "I liked the product so much that I bought the company!" The product offered is a type of athletic underwear worn by athletes, careers that require a lot of walking such as medical, construction, delivery personnel… , medical conditions where good male support is required and of course every day wear. UFM products are a more comfortable and modest alternative to the jock strap. These undergarments offer protection against chafing and sticking, and offer adjustable masculine support, which is something that competitive brands do not. UFM Underwear for Men comes in black, red, and gray, and can be purchased in a boxer brief style or a briefs style, all with the exclusive adjustable pouch technology. UFM will be actively seeking to expand its distribution channels in 2015 both on the internet and traditional retail.

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These mens underwear have been hailed as some of the best boxer briefs when it comes to increasing aesthetics as well as comfort, and many men compare the UFM brand of underwear to a woman's push up bra in terms of creating a sexy, tight fit that enhances rather than compresses. Currently the underwear are priced specially at $19.99 from $24.99 on www.ufmunderwear.com. The Underwear for Men brand is cool, comfortable, and created with moisture wicking materials. They are ideal for men who run, cycle, golf, hike, play tennis, soccer, basketball, or train and have an active lifestyle. The thin and lightweight fabric helps this athletic underwear sell themselves as one of the best boxer briefs available today.  The UFM brand of mens underwear is the only brand that retains it support through repeated wash cycles, as well as an opening fly for convenience during use. UFMs are also available at Amazon.com and the company prides itself on customer satisfaction and its 100% customer satisfaction rating, making them a top seller. The product can be found at www.ufmunderwear.com as well as through Amazon . For questions or concerns regarding this press release, or for more information on UFM underwear or Polidan Inc., please use the following contact information to get in touch:

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