Are Your Balls Sticking To Your Legs? UFM Helps!

Are Your Balls Sticking To Your Legs? UFM Helps!

Underwear For Mens patented support pouch design offers you a custom fit that keeps you comfortable all day long. 

UFM Prevents Balls From Sticking To Leg

Even in regular, comfortable conditions your balls can stick to your leg. When times get hot or you are doing an activity you are even more prone to this problem because of sweat and heat. Standard underwear doesn't help combat this issue at all, they just make it worse because they push you between your legs. Doing more to hurt than help the problem. 


How Lift Prevents Stick

The UFM support pouch is designed to pull you up and forward. The main advantage of this is that it keeps you out from between your legs. The drawstring forms around you, giving every man a custom fit. You can pull it all the way up for a "high and tight" fit or keep it loosened for a more relaxed support. Either way, since your balls aren't next to your legs, there is no way they can stick to them. 

Isolation Helps

The support pouch isolates your manhood, giving it the individual attention it deserves. Everything is held together in the support pouch, no layers or holes. Just situate yourself however you are most comfortable and once the pouch is tied it will keep you that way. Isolating you from the rest of your body so that nothing can cause you to move or get squished. 

Complete isolation means no more adjusting yourself. Sounds like a win to me!

True Support

In the past, people have mistaken compression for support. But they are not the same. Compression shorts and jockstraps are just trying to hold you against your body. When you rely on compression alone it can wear out much quicker and become inadequate than when it was first bought. While we have been able deal with that option for years because there wasn't anything else available.  The invention of a support pouch has given us a new option, one that offers actual support.

Having both lift and isolation within our support pouch means that the pouch is completely holding you up. Lifting you from out between your legs and isolating you in front of your pelvis. This means the pouch can hold you so your body can relax and have less stress on it. We all need that regardless of whether we are working or playing. 

Underwear For Men

UFM has something for every man, regardless of size and shape. Offering waist sizes from XS (24-26) to 5X (56-58). As well as smaller pouch options (Gen 3 and Gen 4) and newer models with larger pouches (Gen 3.1 and Gen 5). Whether you are a Briefs or Boxer Briefs guy UFM has something for you, coming in Briefs, 3" Trunks, 6" Boxer Briefs, and 9" Boxer Briefs. Some people even like the shorter cuts for casual events and the 9" for more strenuous activities like exercising. No matter the situation, UFM has a pair of underwear to support you along the way.

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