Mens Underwear Sizes: One Size Does Not Fit All

Mens Underwear Sizes: One Size Does Not Fit All

All men are built differently and therefore need different styles and sizes. Underwear For Men offers a variety of styles, support levels, materials, and sizes.

Mens Underwear Sizes

Sizes of mens underwear are always going to be based on the persons waist size. It is important to measure against your skin where your underwear sits because unlike other clothing items, underwear is usually the garment that is closest to your body. People often ask, "Where is the waist?" The answer is simple, it is the area above your hips but below your belly.

It is important that your underwear be worn correctly so that the design and style can function the way it was intended. This is crucial for products like UFM that offer a support pouch. Since items are designed to be worn at the waist the support pouch is designed to work within those dimensions. When pulling the underwear too far up or down you run the risk of preventing the support pouch from doing it's job correctly.

Sizes are going to be an inch measurement and you will want to order the size range that number falls into. Sizes go up from 24-26 Extra Small, 28-30 Small, 32-34 Medium, all the way up to 56-58 5XL. If you fall in-between a size range (for example a 35" waist) then you would want to move up to a 36-38 Large. 

Polyester Underwear vs Bamboo Viscose Underwear - Material Matters!

One material is not necessarilly better than the other. Both function in different ways and can be used for different purposes. This has an affect on your underwear size because everyone has different levels of comfort and daily activities. So you need to make sure you get the material that fits you the best for what you need to do because both materials may have the same size, but they won't have the same fit. 

Polyester Underwear is often preferred for athletes and more intense activities. Polyester has a firm and tighter fit to it. It form fits to your body which makes it slightly hotter to wear but it also wicks sweat better than any other material on the market. The firmer fit allows the material to pull moisture from you while also wicking it away. Keeping both you and your underwear dry. What does Polyester feel like? It is a smoother feeling material, somewhere between silk and bamboo viscose. It is synthetic which gives it the more glossy, smooth feel to it. But that also helps to make it more durable. 

Bamboo Viscose Underwear is great for more casual wearing or lower intensity acitivites. Bamboo Underwear is similar to a cotton feel. It is made from plant based fibers which gives it that soft, natural feeling. It is also a very cool fabric which can help keep you more comfortable during those hot summer days. Bamboo Underwear has a more relaxed and flexible fit to it. It is still close to your body, like any boxer brief would be, but it does not hug it tight like polyester. Allowing for a little more body heat to escape, making this the preferred material for everyday wear and more casual events. People even enjoying sleeping in it!

Style and Build

The Briefs style that we know today has been around since the 1930s whereas the Boxer Brief has only been around since 1990. A lot of people have been wearing Briefs their entire life and they never change, finding the longer leg uncomfortable and constricting. People of all shapes and sizes order and prefer the Brief. This style gives the most support and fits the tightest to your body. But the closeness of the seams to major areas of the body along with the lack of leg material can end up causing chaffing for some people if they are doing more intense activities or working out. This is more likely with people who have bigger legs/thighs than people with skinnier legs. 

Boxer Briefs are a newer design but they have come on strong in recent years and are often the prefered style these days. The biggest marketplace for this product has been as athletic underwear as the longer leg helps to prevent chaffing and makes sure that all the material stays in place no matter what movement or motion you need to perform. Boxer Briefs allow the seams to be pushed farther away from the pelvis area making for a lesser chance of wedgies or any kind of material riding up where it shouldn't. They even come in a 9" leg which is great for people with bigger legs/thighs since the extra material is tapered and ensures that the legs never roll up. 

Custom Fit

Underwear For Men offers sizes all the way from 24-26 XS up to 5X. We have both Bamboo Viscose and Polyester material options along with a Brief, 3" Trunk, 6" Boxer Brief, and 9" Boxer Brief so no matter your preference we will have a style that will work for you. Our drawstring adjustable support pouch also allows you to tighten or loosen the pouch as much or as little as needed. All of these aspects combine to make a custom fit for each person based on their body measurements and build, comfort preference, and activity levels. 

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