Men's padded underwear can be designed to protect, enhance, or do both. Underwear For Men manufactures briefs and boxer briefs for men that need consistent support. Our men's underwear suits your body because of the adjustable pouch incorporated into the boxer briefs. Padded underwear provides your body with support, enhances you look, and might serve a medical purpose. Whatever your reason for sporting this style, UFM is sure to improve your look. Underwear For Men designs functional boxer briefs to suit a man's body. If you wish to add padding to the underwear, UFM boxer briefs hold them in place.

Padded Boxer Briefs From UFM

Padded boxer briefs are common among men for playing sports and enjoying other activities. UFM does not offer boxer briefs with a padded front or back but the underwear does offer protection through isolation. You can also add padding to areas you want to protect depending on your preferences. Different sports require different levels of protection, so add your padding at will. With the adjustable pouch, the entire genital region is isolated from the rest of the body. This feature stops a variety of issues experienced by athletic and active individuals. Common issues  such as chafing, movement, and overheating. Our moisture wicking fabric keeps your body cool and dry while also supporting you as you move. It is fairly easy to slip padding or an athletic cup into your UFMs if you need that extra support. Before you invest in awkward men's underwear for athletic use, try a brand designed specifically for sports.

Padded Underwear For Medical Use

Urologists recommend our men's underwear for guys recovering from certain medical procedures. If you have a vasectomy and need to keep the incision site free from jostling, UFMs hold you in place. If you are suffering from prostate cancer and can't handle movement, our boxer briefs keep you comfortable. Men suffering from incontinence often wear UFMs when they want to hold padding in place for cases of leakage or dripping. Regain your freedom and recover with ease thanks to our boxer briefs able to hold padding in place during recovery. For medical conditions, keeping padding in the right place promotes recovery.

Enhance Your Profile With UFMsboxer briefs

One benefit to UFM's adjustable pouch is that it naturally offers an enhancement benefit. Without relying on padding, you still accentuate the shape and look of your manhood with our adjustable pouch. Simply tie the adjustable drawstring pouch and you get consistent support for your manhood without the need to readjust. This draws attention to your manhood and eliminates the appearance of sagging. Whether you prefer the look of boxer briefs or you come to us for briefs, Underwear For Men boosts your confidence. Your partner will thank you for the upgrade!

About Underwear For Men

Underwear For Men supports men with our US patented and Intl patents pending adjustable pouch. Thanks to our men's underwear, guys are able to move away from their reliance on padded underwear and upgrade to UFMs. We sell boxer briefs with a 6-inch inseam and a 9-inch inseam with sizing options for Big and Tall men. Our brand is sized based on your waist measurement so the band is sure to fit when you slip on the underwear. Whether you prefer padding for enhancement or you need it for athletic use, make the switch to Underwear For Men. Try a pair of Underwear For Men and see why they are a better solution than padded underwear. Get $5 off your first pair with the code TRYAPAIR. Our boxer briefs are available in seven different colors. These include royal blue, camo, black, white, gray, red, and turquoise.