Out With The Old, In With the New - What Mens Underwear is for You?

Out With The Old, In With the New - What Mens Underwear is for You?

According to a new research, a dirty secret about men has been revealed. Researchers have found out that 8 in every 10 men do not change their underwear daily. Does it sound freaky? This may be because they find old underwear comfortable and do not like changing it. There can be various other reasons that can support this dirty secret of men's, but the question that arises now is whether wearing the same underwear for several days is healthy?

Well, we all know the answer. It is very unhealthy to wear the same briefs without washing because it can cause infection. Moreover, if you are planning an outdoor adventure with your friends or alone, you will need an ideal base layer that will help you to avoid chafing. Wearing the same underwear on a hiking trip will increase the chances of chafing, heat generation, and funky smell. So if you are looking for a comfortable alternative to your tighty whities, go in with the UFMs.

adjustable boxer briefs support for athletic wear


UFMs are designed with an exclusive US patented and Intl patents pending adjustable drawstring system that keeps your package isolated so that you do not experience any problem while indulging in different activities. This is a better option to your regular underwear as it comes with actual support that give your junk the required support and comfort and let it breath.

UMF briefs or boxer briefs eliminate the skin-on-skin contact to keep the things well-supported, cool and comfortable. The UFM briefs provide a snug fit and thus do not let your junk bounce or smash against the thighs. Moreover, it is designed with moisture-wicking fabric that quickly wicks away the moisture and keep the wearer dry.

While planning an outdoor adventure, you should ditch those cotton underwear because they are the main culprit. The cotton underwear absorbs the moisture, which leads to chafing. Therefore when getting involved in strenuous exercises or various other activities that will make you sweat, say no the cotton underwear. On the other hand, UFMs are designed with 10% elastane and 90% polyester, which dries quickly and transport the moisture away from the skin.

UFMs are great for athletic activities as they provide the wearer with additional support. Previously, UFMs were designed as a sportswear but they are also used by men as an everyday wear because it helps them to deal with chafing. Men whose job involve them to stay out in hot and humid climate, often experience chafing and UFM underwear helps them to deal with this problem with ease.

Underwear is something that we all wear every day and changing it regularly is important. If you feel that you are comfortable in the pair that you are wearing and thus do not like to change, move on. Get yourself a pair of UFM underwear and we bet that you would like to change into a fresh pair daily. The smooth and comfortable fabric of UFMs do not loosen up nor does it loses it support. Moreover, it comes with additional support to keep the things comfortable and supported.

gray mens briefs inside view of mens underwear

UFM underwear is available in different options and different sizes and thus you can make a choice depending on your preferences. You can choose between boxers briefs and briefs, which are available in a variety of colors. However, while selecting a pair you should choose one depending on your waist size rather than choosing one that is in sync with your previous underwear size. So if you wish to buy a pair, you can easily make a purchase from the UFM online store or Amazon. So buy a pair and give your husband a reason to change his underwear daily.

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