How to Buy A Perfect Pair of Underwear – Expert Advice

How to Buy A Perfect Pair of Underwear – Expert Advice

Ask yourself – When did you freshen up your underwear wardrobe last time? Was it a few months back or has a year gone by? If you are also like, many other mens' who do not take interest in lingerie shopping and wear the old and loose underwear, now is the right time to buy a perfect pair of underwear to give your genitalia the required support. So toss the clunkers and replace the pair of old underwear with an undergarment that provides extra support and keep you dry down there.

The experts give out a piece of advice to help the males searching for a pair of underwear that will fit them well. Hope it helps you too.

Choose A Reliable Brand


There is a variety of brands out there who sell men's underwear, which means that you can easily buy a pair depending on your preferences. However, do not opt for a brand just because it is popular. UFM designs underwear with an exclusive US patented and Intl patents pending drawstring adjustable support system that helps the wearer to adjust the support according to his choice. So make a choice carefully.

Read Reviews

If you are planning to order a pair of underwear online, it is important to check the reviews. The reviews will help you to separate the good and the bad underwear. You can get your hands on both customer reviews and bloggers' reviews to check what they say about a particular brand. The reviews will help you to stay away from the underwear that loosen out after a single wash or have uncomfortable pouches.

Select a Long-Lasting Fabric

Underwear is made up of different fabric. While some are made up of cotton, others may use moisture wicking fabric. UFM underwear is designed with 10% Elastane and 90% polyester which makes it cool and comfortable. The underwear wicks away the moisture quickly and leaves the wearer dry even in hot and humid condition.

You can stretch the underwear or wash it as many times as you like, but it will not loosen up. The UFMs are made up of enduring fabric that maintain their shape and it takes to fade them away. The ultra wicking and cooling attributes of UFMs have made them a premium brand of underwear.

Check Your Size

Inside view of UFM technology

The size of the underwear can vary to a large extent. While you may be comfortable with the medium sized underwear of a brand, you may need large sized underwear of different brand. Therefore, it is important to choose underwear based on your waist size rather than opting for one based on the size of your previous underwear.

When it comes to choosing UFMs, you must choose one depending on your waist size. UFM underwear is available in different sizes. They are:

  • Medium waist size 28-30
  • Large waist size 32-34
  • X-Large waist size 36-38
  • XX-Large waist size 40-42
  • 3X waist size 44-46
  • 4Xwaist size 48-50
  • 5X waist size 52-54

UFM underwear has been designed with a breathable fabric that keeps the wearer cool and comfortable. The lightweight fabric of the underwear does not bunch up or lose its shape even if washed for n number of times. So whether you indulge in a game of your favorite sport or your job involves you to stay in hot and humid weather for a long time, with UFM underwear you can be sure that you are comfortable and supported. UFM underwear also comes with 6” inseam, which makes it more comfortable for the wearer. So the next time you plan to freshen up your lingerie wardrobe, make sure you follow the experts advice.

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