Your Horse May Not Need Underwear, But You Do!

Your Horse May Not Need Underwear, But You Do!

If you spend hours on horseback you are all too familiar with the issues that come along with it. Chaffing, rashes, and sores to name a few. Combined with constant adjustment and that feeling of always being uncomfortable makes it a less than ideal experience. But the right pair of mens horse underwear can help prevent all of these issues.

Saddle Sores

If you are a horseback rider then you have inevitably had to deal with saddle sores. When you are sitting in the saddle you are constantly moving. As the horse moves, so does the saddle and so do you. This causes friction to occur across all of the parts of the body on the saddle. Combine that friction with sweat and pressure from your body weight being on the saddle and you have a perfect storm of discomfort, especially on those long rides. Your inner thighs are going to be one of the first things that start to feel the discomfort since those are one of the main points that hit the saddle and are used to help keep yourself in place. So you need to make sure you have a material that doesn't bunch or move when you do, you want it to fit nice and tight to your skin. It should be comfortable but tight enough to take the brunt of the pressure and friction caused by your body and saddle meeting. Humans were made to run, jump, and walk; not ride on horses for hours. While we have been sitting in saddles for thousands of years due to the fucnctionality of riding horses. The technology of the saddle has not changed very much which leaves us to figure out other ways to get comfortable and prevent injuries.

What Is The Best Material For Mens Horse Underwear?

There are all kinds of materials available today. But Polyester is still the tried and true choice for people dealing with things like sweat and friction. Polyester underwear is form fitting and has a tighter fit to it. This means it does not move around your body even if you need to sit, stand, or go in-between the two many times. Polyester works by wicking sweat off of your body, keeping you dry. Polyester is also quick drying so after it wicks the sweat from your body it doesn't stay on the underwear. Making sure that the underwear is also dry. This combination drastically reduces the friction you feel between your body and the underwear. Helping to make sure you stay comfortable no matter the conditions. 

Best Mens Underwear For Horseback Riding 

Underwear For Men offers a variety of styles in the polyester material which is one reason why people love it for horseback riding. We also invented a patented drawstring adjustable support pouch. This support pouch lifts you up from between your legs which means even less friction and pressure on the saddle. Plus, no more sitting on your package if the horse or saddle move suddenly. UFM keeps you safe, secure, and comfortable. But you don't have to believe me, let Randy A tell you what he thinks:

"I'm an equestrian and have been looking for underwear that provides adequate support and protection while riding for quite some time. I ran across UFM via a google search and loved the idea- I tried them and they're exactly what I needed. Light, breathable, comfortable, so far I've nothing negative to say about them!"

Don't deal with discomfort any longer. Try a pair of UFM today! You can use the code TRYAPAIR to get $5 off your first order. 

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