It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's a Fly For Easy Access!

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's a Fly For Easy Access!

Yes, all UFM boxer briefs have an easy front access feature. While many types of pouch underwear do not have a front access, Underwear For Men intricately designed our underwear to include this feature. After working with a design team as well as with customer input in mind, Underwear For Men created an adjustable pouch underwear with a front access for convenience. Your waistband stays put and there is no need to constantly adjust when you make UFMs your underwear for choice.

Men are becoming more and more discerning customers, and we understand your needs. Underwear For Men was created for men looking for a supportive solution men's underwear solution that can be worn for work, everyday, sport, and medical reasons. Simply tie the drawstring on the adjustable pouch and you are ready to go. Get consistent support, reduced chafing, and increased comfort when you wear our men's underwear. No matter what you are doing or where you are going, UFM briefs and boxer briefs will support your manhood.

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Different Than Other Pouch Underwear

Underwear For Men is different than other pouch underwear options on the market. We created our men's underwear to suit guys that needed a better option besides the one size fits all pouch. The addition of a drawstring created an adjustable pouch to suit men of every size. The anatomy of every guy is different, and your pouch should be too. Because of the adjustable drawstring pouch, you get a customized fit that suits the size of your manhood. This creates a hammock-like experience to support you without leaving you squished or constricted. Instead of pushing your manhood against your leg, give yourself relief with boxer briefs that have an adjustable pouch.

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Every man deals with chafing. All too often, chafing is made worse as you age and gravity takes its toll on your body. Instead of living in discomfort, upgrade your current boxer briefs to a better option. Underwear For Men's adjustable pouch prevents skin-to-skin contact. This decreases irritation and significantly eliminates chafing issues. If you are a man that exercises regularly or lives in a hot climate, the switch to our brand of boxer briefs will leave you feeling comfortable, cool, and free of chafe.

In a customer review, Elliot F. says, "Love, love, love!! [The underwear] did everything the description says. No chafing, no need to readjust constantly, and [they are] the most comfortable underwear I have ever owned. #support"

Try Generation 4 Pouch Underwear for a Cotton-Like Feel 

At UFM, we are constantly updating our pouch underwear to suit our customers. We recently released Generation 4 of our briefs and boxer briefs. While we have not moved away from the adjustable pouch, our company has implemented a second fabric option. We now manufacture briefs and boxer briefs with a 10% viscose (bamboo) fabric style. This gives every man the feeling of cotton against his manhood while still wicking moisture and maintaining comfort. At UFM, we recommend the viscose (bamboo) option for everyday and medical use. If you are pouch underwear for work or sport, you can wear our original blend of fabrics to keep wicking moisture.

About Underwear For Men

Underwear For Men started after a successful Kickstarter campaign. We are proud to be a men's underwear brand focused on innovative design. From the tapered leg that stays put as you move to the adjustable pouch drawstring for support, our company constantly works to suit every man. We make briefs and boxer briefs for men with up to a 58'' waist. Men wear our adjustable pouch underwear for sports, work, every day, and medical use. Purchase a pair of UFM boxer briefs or briefs according to your waist size so you get a waistband to fit your body and that doesn't ride up or down as you move. Try UFMs in one of our seven stylish colors.  

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