Underwear For Men - Real Support for Real Men

Underwear For Men - Real Support for Real Men

Although people typically think only of jockstraps when it comes to men's support underwear, but the truth is that many of the boxers and briefs give the exemplary lift as well. Today's man won't settle for underwear that leaves him hanging, nor does he want compression that feels like a peonage. For men's intimate apparel that attains the perfect balance between the comfort and protection, visit UFMunderwear.com. UFM brings the latest collection of men's briefs with pouch that provide the complete support to your manhood and makes you feel more confident and comfortable throughout the day.

The UFM men's briefs are the perfect example of how comfortable men's support underwear can be. It acts as four different kinds of garments: brief, jockstrap, soft cup, and hard cup. The removable soft and hard cups provide an ultimate support to your package and keep them in a proper position, which gives you the chance to look stylish while being comfortable. UFM underwear is designed to provide proper support to your genitals and are also equipped with anti-chafing features. This makes them ideal for people who want to exercise or whose job involves a lot of walking. UFM offers three types of underwear briefs, boxer briefs, and trunks in four different colours: Black, Red, Gray, and Royal Blue.


Traditionally briefs are marked by a prominent elastic waistband that sits at the waist, a Y-shaped front fly, about four inches of fabric that covers everything from the waist to the upper thighs, and full coverage of the butt. Mid-rise are same in every way, but they sit two inches below the waist at the belly button. Low-rise briefs rest about three inches below the waist. Both of these styles are great with low waist jeans. All briefs provide great support and comfort to your manhood. They are a solid choice for jobs that require sitting down all day or for physical activities. A majority of the guys owns a pair of briefs and that too for a good reason. UFM underwear comes with an additional advantage of adjustable pouch. The wearer is just required to pull the strings to make a pouch depending on his comfort level.

Boxer Briefs

A combination of two types of underwear- boxer and briefs, they cover about half of 1/3 of the thigh. They are long like boxers but provide extra support similar to briefs. As an everyday wear, UFM boxer briefs are the best option as they provide extra support and are faltering to all body types. UFM underwear offers protection from chafing throughout the day along with being comfortable at the same time. This underwear consists of numerous features such as fly front, a contoured pouch and a pattern that highlights the shape of your package.


If you don't want a lot of leg coverage, and don't want to wear briefs, we offer a men's trunk underwear style that has a 3 inch inseam. The bottom of the leg rest just below the butt, right above the hamstring. This style is perfect to wear under dress pants, jeans and athletic gear.

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