Polidan Purchases UFM Men’s Underwear Line (Body Magazine 3/20/15)


Underwear For Men (UFM), a recent start-up offering two styles of men’s supportive underwear, has a new owner, John Polidan. Polidan, Inc., a Jacksonville, Florida based firm recently announced the purchase, which actually occurred in December, 2014. “Eric Schifone launched the company in November 2012 in Nashua, NH via three Kickstarter campaigns in 2012-2013,” Polidan wrote BODY in an email response to questions. After inventing the concept in 2012, Schifone launched the first website in 2013. “We have made quite a significant investment in the site since December 2014,” when he took over operations, explained Polidan. “We also re-launched on Amazon in December 2014 and we are very proud of our 100% seller rating + high reviews.” According to Polidan, the first style was The Boxer Brief which “became available in early 2013 followed by The Brief in early 2014.” To date, the product has not been offered in many channels. “Currently the product is only sold via Amazon and the www.ufmunderwear.com website,” wrote Polidan, adding “We are planning to expand distribution later in 2015.” Polidan emphasized that a key aspect of the new underwear is the unique drawstring Boxer_Brief_Red_Insideouttechnology “of the UFM system [that] allows the user to adjust the support to their own preference and does not lose integrity.” He added that an additional benefit is that the underwear “does not utilize elastic to provide the support. As we all know, elastic loses its integrity beginning with the first wash, and the support provided with normal support underwear degrades quickly.” The UFM briefs are offered on the company website in black only, in sizes medium, large, X-large and XX-large. The retail price is $14.95. The boxer briefs come in the same sizes, but with the added colors gray and red. The retail price is $19.95. Polidan noted, “We will be offering larger sizes beginning in the 3Q15.” UFM-Sport UFM underwear provides benefits to customers in several separate niches. In the sports category, Polidan said his underwear is “Excellent as a jockstrap or compression shorts replacement. Much more comfortable and modest than a jockstrap and much better support and isolation than compression shorts.” UFM-Work The company also targets “men whose career requires an extensive amount of walking such as military, construction, medical, delivery, warehousing, police, firemen and many others. The comfort, support, anti-chafing, breathability and moisture wicking benefits are key as so many testimonials attest to.” UFM-Medical When he bought the company, Polidan said he was not fully aware the underwear provided various health benefits. “But as we interact with our customer base, we realize that this segment is under served and growing rapidly.” One area UFM targets is “Post surgical or medical conditions requiring good support – After surgery in the groin area such as prostate, vasectomy or others, doctors recommend wearing an undergarment with the best possible support. Historically this was a jockstrap. UFM’s have been now identified as the perfect solution for all of their benefits especially the adjustability. UFM’s are also popular with hydrocele patients.” Polidan continued that “older men have scrotal sag issues that become very uncomfortable. I have received numerous testimonials from seniors saying how UFM’s US patented and Intl patents pending support systems have changed their life. (The reviews from these folks are quite heart-warming and humorous).” In addition, “Men with incontinence issues have also discovered that UFM’s US patented and Intl patents pending support system works great with both Depends and Prevail male guards disposable products. The drawstring is the perfect containment systems for these disposables. These individuals no longer have to subject themselves to the indignity of having to wear Adult “Pull-ups”.”

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Published 03-20-2015 by Nick Monjo