Underwear For Men: The Best Underwear For Working Out

Underwear For Men: The Best Underwear For Working Out

Boost your workout routine with Underwear For Men supporting your manhood. Our US patented and Intl patents pending adjustable pouch underwear provides consistent support. Get support as you move, bend, and stretch during your workout routine. Athletic underwear from Underwear For Men suits to all preferences. We design briefs and boxer briefs, specifically for athletic use. This is because too many men experience discomfort and even pain as they exercise. Some men are forced to stop participating in their favorite activities because of pain associated with movement. There is a better solution than simply living through the pain or forcing yourself into a suffocating pair of compression shorts. Underwear For Men is suited to the lifestyle of every man, whether he is a yoga connoseiur or a crossfit guy. Once you switch to UFMs for athletic use, you won't every switch back. In fact, you'll likely buy them for daily use as well! Our designers considered every feature of our men's underwear during the design process.

Say Goodbye To Constricting Compression Shorts

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Compression shorts force you to fit into your body into a tight pair of shorts that don't allow much breathing room. Compression shorts do have their benefits -- they keep everything in place and are moisture wicking. Yet, all of this is at the expense of your comforttwi. Underwear For Men created a solution with all of the benefit of compression shorts plus additional features you may have never considered. Our men's underwear is made from a moisture wicking material that keeps you dry even during high-intensity workouts. In addition, our underwear for men has an adjustable pouch. When tied to your preference, the drawstring keeps your manhood secure. The pouch feels custom fit to your size, rather than fitting the average guy. Unlike other solutions like compression shorts, your manhood never gets squished as you exercise. Alberto C. says, "I first saw UFM Underwear for Men on an advertisement on Facebook. There are so many brands and styles of underwear to choose from out there. Finally!!... Underwear designed to fit the anatomy of a man... and the it feels amazing! I am a coach and an active softball player. I have worn my UFM underwear in different active days and they did not disappoint! The best underwear I have purchased! Now I need more colors! Thank you UFM!"

Never Deal with Chafing From Exercise

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Men love our underwear because of the support and isolation provided by our design. The pouch is one major feature of the underwear, but our team also considered every design feature before production. The boxer briefs are available in a 6-inch or 9-inch inseam. This suits the preference of men with larger legs or a more muscular build. No matter which inseam length you select, our boxer briefs completely eliminate chafing. The pouch isolates your manhood from your thigh and gets rid of chafing issues on the inner thigh. Our unique tapered leg design stays in place during workouts as well. When you bend and move, the leg of your boxer brief won't bunch or roll. Simply put -- our underwear for men fits you!

Eliminate Discomfort

More than anything else, Underwear For Men briefs and boxer briefs are comfortable. Men spend way too much time adjusting their manhood -- and it also is the pet peeve of a lot of women. Instead of finding yourself in the itching, picking, and awkward dance of repositioning yourself, never worry again thanks to your new UFMs. Discomfort is a thing of the past as you move through your circuit training routine, run your regular route, or follow the direction of your trainer. Regardless of your size, our underwear completely eliminates discomfort. We also size Underwear For Men according to your waist measurement. When your waistband fits properly, your underwear doesn't ride up or down as you exercise. This means you never show a plumber's crack during your weightlifting routine. No one wants to see that (and you don't want to worry about it).

Stay Cool With Moisture Wicking Fabric 

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Moisture wicking fabric feels essential at the gym. Because you are actively sweating, whatever underwear you wear either works with you or against you. Underwear For Men keeps you cool, thanks to construction from our moisture wicking fabric. If you are self-conscious about the amount you sweat, our briefs or boxer briefs help you stay dry. Instead of fighting your own body as it works to keep you cool, focus on your workout routine. A great side effect of this moisture wicking fabric is the decrease in odor you put off.

About Underwear For Men

What started with a successful Kickstarter campaign turned into a nationwide brand that is disrupting the underwear market. Our underwear, originally designed for athletic wear, is now popular for medical, work, everyday, and sport use. We realized our adjustable pouch underwear is the perfect solution for guys that simply need a well-designed men's underwear. A real man needs support, isolation, and comfort. Underwear For Men provides all three with our briefs and boxer briefs. Try each of our seven colors for men with up to a 58-inch waist.

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