Best Mens Underwear to Provide Extra Support After Surgery

Best Mens Underwear to Provide Extra Support After Surgery


Are you dealing with a variety of prostate problems? If you have tried other treatment options, undergoing prostate surgery is often something a doctor presents to you. Undergoing prostate surgery can be tough on your body so be sure to care for your body after it is complete. Listen to your doctor, take it easy, and be proactive about your health so you recovery quickly and properly. The right mens underwear to wear after you endure prostate surgery are the boxer briefs or briefs made by Underwear For Men. Our urologist-recommended mens underwear come with a US patented and Intl patents pending, adjustable pouch. This means you simply secure your manhood and never adjust for the remainder of the day.

Hold Padding in Place With Our Men's Underwear

After prostate surgery, whether it is for an enlarged prostate or a result of cancer, your body needs adequate time to recover. Your doctor prescribes a set of instructions, like caring for the surgical site and taking time off of work for a certain amount of time. The incision site needs special attention. During the first day or two, leaving the surgical site alone is essential to healing. Boxer briefs and briefs from Underwear For Men hold padding in place without jostling your manhood. You simply place the padding on the incision area, tie the drawstring, and try not to touch the aggravated area. UFMs are sized by your waist, which means you get a waistband to fit your body. When you sit or stand, your underwear’s waistband won’t cause you any problems or plumber’s crack. A secure waistband contributes to the stability of your support and holds padding in place.

A Better Solution Than The Jockstrap

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Up until now, urologists often recommended jockstraps for post-surgical care. The jockstrap was invented in the 1800s and has not been improved upon since. Underwear For Men created a better solution than the jockstrap. Our US patented and Intl patents pending adjustable pouch underwear is unlike any other solution. You get to wear a full set of comfortable boxer briefs to isolate your manhood and stop chafing entirely. The jockstrap is uncomfortable, doesn’t cover your manhood fully, and does not feel like normal underwear. Underwear For Men provides a better solution than the jockstrap with our 6-inch or 9-inch boxer briefs.

A Tapered Leg That Does Not Bunch

Underwear For Men boxer briefs are designed with a tapered leg that does not bunch when you walk or move. Because of this unique feature, the legs are not baggy and do not move up or down your leg. During surgical recovery, keeping your underwear in place is essential to holding padding in place. You can lay down or rest with ease when your UFM boxer briefs are on. Our brand is synonymous with comfort, adjustability, and extra support.

Men's Underwear for Incontinence After Prostate Surgery

Unfortunately, a common side effect of prostate surgery is incontinence, temporary and sometimes, permanent. Because the risk of not operating is so great, this side effect is worth it in order to keep you happy and healthy. If you are left with leakage problems, UFMs hold padding in place. Urinary incontinence is easy to manage thanks to UFM boxer briefs and briefs. We offer two types of boxer briefs, the 6-inch or the 9-inch inseam. The longer inseam is the preference of men with larger thighs or muscular legs.

Wear Your UFMs After You Recover

Since their inception, UFMs were designed with the athlete in mind. We quickly realized UFMs are great to wear for all of life’s activities. Whether you have medical, every day, athletic, or work needs, our boxer briefs and briefs support you. You may purchase Underwear For Men for medical purposes but you’ll soon be wearing them for everyday use. Our brand is the preference of men from all walks of life, ages, parts of the country, and more. One thing unites all guys --- your need for support, comfort, and breathability.

About Underwear For Men

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Underwear For Men was designed with the man in mind. We considered what a man needs while creating our brand. Our US patented and Intl patents pending adjustable pouch is unlike any other option available on the market. Our boxer briefs support your manhood whether you are recovering from surgery or going about your daily life. Our boxer briefs are available in seven colors for a price of $25.95, so you can easily fill up your underwear drawer with this superior underwear technology. All boxer briefs are made from moisture-wicking fabric so you stay cool and odor-free. Recover from surgery with ease by choosing boxer briefs or briefs from Underwear For Men. Your manhood will thank you.

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