All men have experienced chafing in their life and there are numerous products on the market that claim to prevent chafing. In most cases, the products just treat the symptoms and don't address the root cause, which in most cases, boils down to wearing the wrong kind of underwear. Everything from the types of materials to the lack of support can lead to chafing. If you are experiencing chafing, Underwear For Men is the best men's underwear for chafing. Here's why: Originally designed as a support underwear that athletes could wear, UFM's adjustable pouch is made to isolate and support to prevent chafing. Because the materials are ultra soft and breathable, these underwear are also great for work and everyday use. When you step inside Underwear For Men briefs or boxer briefs, you won't feel like you have anything on. The pouch complete eliminates the skin-on-on skin contact that causes chafing. Elliot F. says, “I will keep it simple. Love, love, love!! Did everything the description says. No chafing, no need to readjust constantly, and most comfortable underwear I have ever owned. #support”

Designed with Every Man in Mind

Underwear For Men was designed by men, for men. We consider the needs of every man that wears UFM, the working man, the endurance athlete, and the Prostate Cancer survivor. We like to think our product is there to support your manhood when you need it most. From stylish colors and cuts to soft, breathable fabrics to an extra supportive adjustable pouch, we have a product that appeals to every man at some point during his day. It is thin enough to wear under jeans and dries fast enough to wear under a bathing suit. Our sizes include Big and Tall, and range from 28-58" waist.

Boxer Briefs Provide Full Isolation

Underwear For Men’s boxer briefs have a US patented and Intl patents pending adjustable pouch that provides full isolation of your manhood. This means when you tie the drawstrings to your desired comfort level, your manhood gets completely isolated from your thighs and legs. You won’t be dealing with readjusting and chafing. You won't ever have to worry about sitting on your manhood again. Our drawstrings work so don't have to do anything, but set it and forget it. Tie them tight for extra support or light for lose support. Either way, your manhood can now enjoy full isolation from your body.

Completely Eliminate Skin-on-Skin Contact

Because of our adjustable pouch offers isolation, you are able to walk, jump and run around without experiencing falling out or chafing. Underwear For Men is made with an stretchy, mesh adjustable pouch that holds your manhood gently in place to prevent the skin on skin contact that causes chafing. Whether you wear UFMs to work or to workout, you won’t be uncomfortable because of chafing, rubbing and sweating. These underwear truly feel like you have nothing on. prevent chafing with underwear for men

Moisture Wicking Material Leaves You Comfortable

The reason the groin is susceptible to chafing is because this area of the body has a large number of sweat glands. Chafing is a common problem for men because they are constantly sweating and never drying off. Underwear For Men boxer briefs are constructed from a moisture wicking material that keeps you dry during the toughest of workouts and even tougher days at the office. Without constant sweating and complete isolation, chafing is eliminated.

Longer Inseams for Men With Larger Legs

All too often, men with larger legs cannot find the right boxer briefs to stop chafing. Our boxer briefs were designed with a longer inseam and tapered leg. This means you don’t have to deal with the material rolling up as you walk. The 9-inch boxer brief naturally holds to the form of your leg and doesn’t budge throughout the day. We don't use elastic, so you do not have to worry about any pulling on your leg hairs. Proper coverage for your legs contributes to the elimination of chafing. Ray V., “I wasn't sure what to expect but took a chance and purchased two pairs of the 3rd gen boxer briefs. I am so glad I did! These underwear are extremely comfortable. They feel like they were tailored specifically to me. No more chafing and rashes, especially during exercise. The waist does not roll which is a big annoyance of mine. I will definitely be buying more! Highly recommended.”

About Underwear For Men

Underwear For Men was created with all men in mind. The brand started as an idea for men to get proper support underwear for use during sports. Turns out, all men want underwear that offers support. The US patented and Intl patents pending adjustable pouch can be work for all of life’s activities. We offer briefs and boxer briefs with a 6- or 9-inch inseam with seven color options. Our product is sized by waistband size, which means you know you are getting a pair of boxer briefs that fit. Your pouch isn’t one-size-fits-all, it is customizable to your individual size. Improve your life with boxer briefs from Underwear For Men.