With all of the types of men's underwear on the market, no single option replaces the jockstrap for men. This athletic support garment is the choice of many guys -- simply because they haven't found a better solution. Underwear For Men is the best mens underwear briefs to replace the jockstrap. The design and style of our mens underwear provides the benefits of a jockstrap but with more comfort. Underwear For Men makes the first and only adjustable pouch underwear. In a recent review, Dale H. said, "Saw the ad on Facebook for UFM Underwear for Men, so I thought I would order a pair. After trying them on the 1st time, I thought 'oh no, this sure feels different etc'. After a little pulling here and tugging there, I honestly say that these by far are the best underwear a guy could ever wear."

Why Switch to An Adjustable Pouch? Mark Justice Manhood Moments Workout

The adjustable pouch is easy to tie according to your preferences. This optimizes your level of support. After buying a pair of mens underwear from Underwear For Men, you'll switch to wearing them everyday, for sport, at work, and even for medical recovery. Our mens underwear provides you with all of the support a jockstrap gives you while looking like regular underwear. You are sure to look good and feel good when you come to us for mens underwear. Our brand is a popular choice among guys looking for mens underwear that function well for athletics.

Urologist Recommended Mens Underwear Stays In Place

Our mens underwear is urologist recommended. We are proud to help men recover from medical conditions by giving them the support they need during recovery. If you need to look for a replacement of your current jockstrap, choose a urologist recommended solution. Since UFMs are enough for a doctor to recommend for recovery, they are good enough for you to wear during a workout.

Look Good and Feel Good in UFMsmanhood-moments-ad-52-facebook-1200-x-628

The US patented and Intl patents pending adjustable pouch gives you the support of a jockstrap but the look of underwear. You simply tie the drawstrings to your preferred tightness and create a hammock for your manhood. When the drawstrings are tied, your manhood stays away from your thigh and isn't jostled around as you move. The pouch provides support for men with testicular discomfort and medical conditions. One day soon, you'll find yourself completely switching to Underwear For Men for daily use. This means, you get all of the features of a jockstrap while also feeling comfortable and completely free of chafing.

The Jockstrap Versus Our Mens Underwear

When you compare the jockstrap against our mens underwear, the UFM brief or boxer brief wins. Compared with the jockstrap, UFMs are designed better:

  • A jockstrap secures your manhood away from your body. UFM mens underwear secures your manhood with the adjustable pouch and drawstring. It isolates your manhood from your thigh completely.
  • A jockstrap has two straps going across your backside. UFMs are made to look like regular underwear, except with the adjustable pouch feature. They fit like regular underwear so you aren't left with a weird feeling as you exercise.
  • A jockstrap is most often made from cotton. Underwear For Men is made to be moisture wicking. Unlike cotton, our mens underwear dries quickly as you sweat. Even while actively working out, you don't experience discomfort because of your briefs.
  • A jockstrap was manufactured in the 1800s. Our mens underwear took off thanks to a Kickstarter campaign and developed steadily since 2013. We make use of the newest technology in the underwear world.
  • A jockstrap is popular in white with little design variation, although some does occur in the thickness of the straps. Our mens underwear is available in 7 colors and styles including briefs, 6-inch boxer briefs, and 9-inch boxer briefs.The 9-inch boxer briefs are great for athletic guys or men with larger legs.

Joseph M., one of our satisfied customers says, "What I like the most about these boxer briefs is that one adjusts the amount of support. When in the gym or doing exercises or heavy activities you tighten the support. But when finished, you loosen the support and feel comfortable. This makes wearing a jock unnecessary and you do not have to remove any clothes to do so. The fabric is soft and the tension around the legs enables that there is no riding up." Join Joseph M. and our other satisfied customers by getting rid of your jockstraps for good.