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  1. Urologists Support Adjustable Pouch Underwear For Men

    UFM Medical Underwear is recommended by Urologists as support underwear for Incontinence, Inflammation, Scrotal Sag, and Post Surgery. Join the UFM Referral Program!

  2. Moisture Wicking Science Explained: UFM Underwear For Men

    Why Moisture Wicking Fabric?

    From t-shirts to underwear for men, it is becoming more and more popular for brands to make products from ‘moisture wicking’ fabric. Moisture wicking clothing does more than just look good on the wearer, it has a functional purpose as well. More than other options, styles that promise to keep you free of moisture need to provide what is promised. At Underwear For Men, all underwear is made from a moisture wicking fabric to keep you cool and dry. But, how does this attribute actually function? Educate yourself concerning moisture wicking fabric so you can make smarter purchasing decisions. At least 60 companies in the United States classify themselves as performance material brands. Learn about what you are purchasing to get the most bang for your buck.

  3. 2Undr vs UFM Athletic Pouch Underwear:What’s the Difference?

    With 100s of athletic underwear for men options to choose from, buying the best athletic underwear for your needs can take a little research.

    UFM and 2UNDR are a style of athletic underwear for men called pouch underwear. Pouch underwear has a contour pouch built into the front of the underwear to provide isolation and prevent skin on skin contact. Most pouch underwear styles are made from form fitting lightweight, breathable fabrics designed to provide more support than traditional briefs or boxers. 

  4. UFM – Underwear For Wicking Sweat

    Are you a sports enthusiast? Do you love trying new exercises and activities? If so, then you know it's important to have the right gear. Exercising increases your body temperature, which makes you sweat, and if you are wearing layers of clothes the dampness will remain with your underwear. But not with UFM and our sweat wicking materials. 

  5. UFM Underwear Are Cool During Hot Summer Months

    Summer is officially here which means it is time to say hello to some soft, cool, breathable mens underwear from UFM. Whether you are loitering in style by the pool or getting ready for your summer vacation, UFM boxer briefs and briefs provide you or your 'goodies' a better support and comfort.

  6. No Sweat: Best Underwear For Hot Weather

    Underwear For Men uses high quality materials (Bamboo or Polyester) in combination with our patened adjustable support pouch to make sure you stay dry, cool, and comfortable all day long. Bamboo is especially good for the hot summer months as it is a lighter weight fabric that is focused on keeping people cool. 

  7. UFM Underwear Offers Relief From Chafing

    Prevent Groin Chafing with UFM Pouch Underwear For Men. Prevent chafing by eliminating skin on skin contact through its patented adjustable support pouch.

  8. Mens Support Underwear For Exercise and Working Out

    Underwear For Men: Athletic Underwear

    Underwear For Men is proud to be an innovative underwear brand for guys that need support. We design briefs and boxer briefs for athletic use. Our US and International Patented adjustable support pouch isolates your manhood from your thigh without suffocating you like compression shorts. Upgrade your workout experience with our mens athletic underwear. Our brand is uniquely designed unlike any other brand on the market. Make the switch to UFM mens underwear to get the support you need for every workout.

  9. UFM Underwear Provides Comfort Pre & Post Hydrocele Surgery

    Hydrocele happens when fluid collects around one or both testicles. It is not usually painful, but it may be uncomfortable because it makes the scrotum bigger. This swelling is unsightly and annoying, but it is in-noxious and generally is not dangerous. Although, hydrocele are common in new born, they can also occur at any age in later life. During the full growth of foetus, the testicles swoop from the abdomen to the scrotum. In normal conditions, the sac closes itself and the fluid is absorbed by the body, it can lead to the formation of hydrocele.

  10. Get Excellent Testicular Support With UFM Underwear

    Testicular injuries are uncommon, despite the vulnerable position of the testicles. However, the chances of receiving a testicular trauma cannot be ruled out. Testicles hang outside the body in the scrotum, which is a pouch of skin and as the testicles are hanging out, they are not supported by muscles or bones. Thus, they can be kicked, struck, hit or crushed by an external force leading to the injury.

    Testicles Under Normal Conditions


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