1. Press & Media

    If you are a member of the press and need more information about UFM Underwear, please contact us at

  2. Returns & Exchanges

    For health and sanitation reasons we do not accept returns or exchanges.

  3. UFM Mens Underwear

    UFM Men’s Underwear features US patented and Intl patents pending, adjustable men’s underwear that allows for wearer-specific isolation, comfort, and support. A conduit system has been installed along the natural hem line of the underwear – the conduit can’t be seen from the outside and it can’t be felt from the inside. Simply pull the strings and stop when you have achieved your desired level of comfort.

  4. Men's Enhancing Underwear

    Demand a big impression with men's enhancing underwear from UFM. While our men's underwear has a number of functional features, it also makes your body look great while you wear it. If you switch to UFM, your partner will notice right away that your manhood is accentuated in the briefs and boxer briefs. With the adjustable pouch, all you need is to simply tie the drawstring and you get support with an updated look. Our pouch underwear enhances your look but isn't just men's enhancing underwear.

  5. UFM Boxer Briefs Presents: Mens Spandex Underwear

    When you think of spandex, you likely think of a tight material that accentuates your body. Underwear For Men uses high technology fabrics designed to suit a man's needs. From the selection of moisture-wicking materials to adding a fabric that can be washed with ease, Underwear For Men suits every guy. We considered the needs of a man, the common issues men face, and the popularity of certain designs in the selection of our men's underwear materials. Our adjustable pouch boxer briefs include a small percentage of spandex in their construction. Spandex provides a number of advantages to suit a man, whether he is wearing our brand for sport, everyday, medical, or work purposes.

  6. UFM Boxer Briefs vs. Men's Padded Underwear

    Men's padded underwear can be designed to protect, enhance, or do both. Underwear For Men manufactures briefs and boxer briefs for men that need consistent support. Our men's underwear suits your body because of the adjustable pouch incorporated into the boxer briefs. Padded underwear provides your body with support, enhances you look, and might serve a medical purpose.

  7. Deion Sanders Showing Some Love For UFM - Underwear For Men

    Football Legend Deion Sanders invited UFM Underwear For Men to his annual Black & Red Gala in Atlanta. UFM team members had the opportunity to enjoy the company of football legends Deion Sanders and Ray Buchanan.

  8. Pouch Underwear Review: Under Armour Boxerjock

    Are you an Under Armour wearer? If you've been wearing this brand for a considerable amount of time, what makes you like the brand you wear? The Under Armour Boxerjock with the 6-inch inseam has a number of advantageous features that attract a man's allegiance. This brand of men's underwear is  is one of the best selling in the world. Underwear For Men encourages you to reassess your underwear choices and make an informed decision about the pouch underwear  you wear.

  9. Underwear That Stops Chafing

    Chafing occurs when one are of the body rubs against another and causes the skin to develop a rash. If you are a man, you have experienced chafing at one point or another.

  10. Review: Champion Tech Performance Boxer Brief

    Champion Tech Performance Boxer Brief is stylish, functional and very affordable at less than $10.00/pair.


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