1. Workwear-UFM Work Underwear- Why Are They The Best Option

    Stay cool and dry on the job with Workwear by UFM

    Function and well fitting workwear underwear is what every man wants to buy. If your job involves you to stay outdoors in hot and humid climate for long or if it involves a lot of walking

  2. Prevent Chafing While Working Out With UFM Underwear

    Crotch chafe is a delicate subject that often ends up becoming an important part of runner's and athelete's conversation. Uncomfortable and loose underwear may cause chafing, which generally starts in upbraided skin, but ends up in the form of blisters. It is a vicious cycle that is a part and parcel of a runner or a sportsman's life. But not anymore, UFM underwear designed with anti-chafe, moisture-wicking and breathable fabric, makes it comfortable for the runners to complete their run without worrying about crotch chafe.

  3. UFM Underwear – Nonsurgical Option For Male Incontinence

    A medical symptom, Incontinence is not a disease but is treated like one. According to the definition, it is a condition that leads to unintentional leakage of urine. Men and women can experience this condition for a variety of reasons, for instance; after a long illness, because of advancing age or as a side effect of a surgery. Whatever the reason is, men are more likely to experience these symptoms as compared to women.

  4. Best Men's Underwear For Hiking, Backpacking and Camping

    Are you a person that enjoys the outdoors including hiking, backpacking, and camping? With all of these outdoor experiences, it is important for you to have the right gear to enjoy the outdoors. When you hike, backpack, or camp, don't overlook the importance of your attire and underwear choices. Our men's underwear, designed for athletic use, makes it easy for you to enjoy your outdoor hobbies. With UFMs, you experience less chafing, no rolling or bunching as you walk, and moisture-wicking materials to keep you cool and dry.

  5. How to Buy A Perfect Pair of Underwear – Expert Advice

    Ask yourself – When did you freshen up your underwear wardrobe last time? Was it a few months back or has a year gone by? If you are also like, many other mens' who do not take interest in lingerie shopping and wear the old and loose underwear, now is the right time to buy a perfect pair of underwear to give your genitalia the required support. So toss the clunkers and replace the pair of old underwear with an undergarment that provides extra support and keep you dry down there.

  6. Streamlined Tailored Men's Underwear For A Comfortable Fit

    Men's underwear comes in a variety of styles and shapes to meet a person's preference. You can choose a loose fitting underwear to lounge around, a form fitting underwear for extra support during the day and a sexy underwear for the intimate moments.

    If your job involves a lot of walking and you are required to stay in hot and humid climate, choosing a comfortable underwear that easily wick away the moisture will be the perfect decision. UFM underwear has been specially designed by professionals to provide the wearer an extra support to prevent the balls from bouncing around while keeping him comfortable.

  7. UFM Underwear: A Way To Boost Your Sex Appeal

    UFM underwears make the genitalia appear larger and work in a similar manner to a push-up bra. It helps you to attract the female’s attention toward the right thing. Not so surprisingly, large penis size increases a man’s overall personality, making him more confident and comfortable.

  8. Deion Sanders Black Red Gala 2013

    UFM Underwear was able to attend the event as a sponsor and support Deion and his Prime Time Youth Sports and TRUTH campaign efforts. Each guest at the event was gifted a pair of UFM underwear for men and engraved UFM Underwear memorabilia. The event was a huge success!

  9. Polidan Purchases UFM Men’s Underwear Line (Body Magazine)

    Polidan, Inc., a Jacksonville, Florida based firm recently announced the purchase, which actually occurred in December, 2014. “Eric Schifone launched the company in November 2012 in Nashua, NH via three Kickstarter campaigns in 2012-2013,” Polidan wrote BODY in an email response to questions.

  10. UFM Underwear For Men- Suits Any Situation

    Imagine a situation where you are preparing for an important presentation and are not comfortable with your underwear. Do you think that you will do well in your presentation? The answer is no.


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