7 Reasons Why Men Are Loving UFM

In 2013, Underwear For Men launched a crowdfunding campaign with one goal: to develop maximum support underwear without sacrificing comfort and style. Since then, UFM’s patented design technology has gained cult-like loyalty from tens of thousands of men. Here’s why:
They Offer Superior Male Support

1. They Offer Superior Male Support

UFM’s Patented Adjustable Pouch Technology provides the best isolation and support available anywhere. Their pouch helps separate your boys and your rod from the rest of your body. The drawstring gives you a customizable lift that stays in place all day. It ain’t rocket science, but it’s helped a lot of men of all ages.

2. They are Anti-Chafe

UFM does their best to stay out of politics, but they proudly stand against chafing of all kinds. What’s chafe? It’s the feeling of soreness you get when your male parts rub, stick, and sweat against your thigh.

UFM’s Patented Adjustable Pouch keeps the boys high and tight, eliminating skin on skin contact — and giving you skin on silky smooth, breathable fabric contact instead.

They Offer Superior Male Support
They Offer Superior Male Support

3. They Don’t Lose Support via the Laundry Cycle

Other technical underwear designs rely on elastic to provide male support. Elastic starts to break down the very first time you wash it and continues to degrade with each wash.

UFM’s adjustable pouch relies on high-quality fabric and a drawstring (i.e., NO ELASTIC), so their support level remains the same with each wash.

4. They are the CEOs of Moisture Management

UFM is committed to using high-quality fabrics that keep your family jewels cool and dry. All of UFM’s materials are designed to both maximize airflow to your crotchal region and transport moisture away from your body.

Cotton is a very poor material for moisture management. It absorbs moisture like a sponge and stays wet against your skin, encouraging chafe and discomfort. UFM offers 2 superior fabric blends:

Maximum Moisture Wicking: 90% Polyester | 10% Spandex 4-way stretch
Maximum Softness: 95% Bamboo | 5 % Spandex 4-way stretch
They Offer Superior Male Support
They Offer Superior Male Support

5. They Look Out for their Customers

UFM’s underwear is priced affordably compared to competing underwear brands. And you get exceptional value out of them with their medical-grade support that doesn’t wither away in the wash like other underwear.

Buying in bulk? They give quantity discounts. Been a customer for awhile? They give loyalty discounts. Don’t want to pay for shipping? Don’t worry. They ship for free for both domestic and international orders.

6. They Give You Plenty of Options

Isolation and support should not discriminate against style. As a grown man you can wear whatever kind of underwear floats your boat. UFM offers their patented pouch technology on Briefs, Trunks, Boxer Briefs, and Long Boxer Briefs. They also have between 4-7 colors depending on which style you choose.

Many men are surprised at how good they look and feel in their new UFM underwear. Their lady’s are also surprised at how good they look (and feel)!

They Offer Superior Male Support
They Offer Superior Male Support

7. They Are Surprisingly Comfortable

Something surprising happened once UFM started picking up momentum: their customers began raving about how comfortable they are. The company realized they were onto something with their unique fabric blends and continually develops new “generations” of underwear that get more comfortable with each release.

Check out UFM’s nearly 8,000 5-star reviews for yourself here: reviews

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