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Best Underwear for Sports or Everyday Wear

Mens Underwear - Reinvented

UFM® Underwear for Men - A Premium brand of Men's underwear for Athletic Activity or Everyday Wear for Men who like good support.

Whether your are looking for the best boxer briefs, the best briefs or just the best mens underwear UFM is for you.

  • Styles- UFM Underwear come in 6" Boxer Brief and Briefs styles.  Both styles feature UFM's Patent-Pending adjustable support system that allows the wear to adjust support to their preference.

    Adjustable Pouch

  • As Athletic Underwear -   Great for Golf, Cycling, Running, Camping, Hiking, Basketball, Soccer or Working out as a comfortable alternative to a jockstrap or compression shorts or underwearWith its Breathable Premium Moisture Wicking Fabric, it keeps you well supported and comfortable through any activity.  [Not to be used in safety applications where a cup is required]

  • UFMs for Work -   UFM Underwear is great for any profession that requires a lot of walking, especially outdoors.  They are the most comfortable underwear for hot weather.  We have heard from many of our loyal customers how great they are for:
      •     -  Policemen, Firemen, Park Rangers
      •      - Military
      •      - Medical professions
    •      - Delivery professions such as Postal cariers, Fedex, UPS, Newspaper
    •      - Costruction trades
    •      - Warehousing
    •      - Food Service employees
    •      - Janitorial workers
    •      - Manufacturing workers
    •      - Lumberjacks
    •      - Long shoremen
    •      - Themepark,
    •      - and many others.
  • Anti Chafing - The UFM adjustable support technology prevents chaffing by supporting and isolating the genitalia combined with the breathable and moisture wicking fabricNormal Mens Pouch Underwear cannot deliver the same protection from getting chafed.

  • Special Needs - Many doctors recommend jock straps for post surgery (vasectomy, prostate) or for other medical conditions that necessitate good testicular support such as hydrocele.  The Mens Brief Home Lifestyle 5adjustable support feature also works well with male incontinence guards such as Depends® or Prevail®.  Prostate cancer survivors love UFMs.

  • As Everyday Wear - UFMs are the best underwear for any man that likes good support and comfort.  Unlike normal pouch underwear, the support is adjustable.



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